Rackham's Peak : Silent NERF ?


can somebody explain to me how the price of wine at Rackham's Peak has been divided by 8 during the day ???

278,755 CR an hour ago, and now "only" 33,953 CR........
thank everybody for these responses faster than the light

i didn't know the time of the BGS tick, what a noob :)

so, another noob question : is there a way to predict when (if) the faction will be again in this fantastic state ? :cool:
(i still have 6000 t of wine to sell, and 2 CG i wish to participate in the bubble....)
Nope it's typically based on the actions of the players and stuff like that. I don't imagine they offer a lot of missions that are easy to stack and run quickly to affect the bgs being the only station in how far....
so, another noob question : is there a way to predict when (if) the faction will be again in this fantastic state ?
you can't predict precisely as
  • other players might do action hurting the economy
  • public holidays is one of those states "which happen" (like pirate attack and differently to boom and investment), but common understanding is, that positive economic actions raise the likelihood of it to happen.- as possible player actions are very few up there, i think one could provide a guesstimate with ~3-4 days leeway.
with all the wine we deliver, the faction should be very happy,
but i suppose it is not good for the economy :) :)
actually, if you are selling for profit, it WILL be good for the ECONOMY - faction will get in boom (step 1), and then in investment (step 2). but Public Holiday is not determined by the economy sliders (right hand panel), but is one of the chance-states.
anyway, selling the wine will raise the chance of public holiday to happen sometiome after the recovery has ended...
the mission board of the outpost has a lot of "donate" missions
it should increase the influence of the faction but there is only 1 faction in the system
Public Holiday has a 14-day recovery time, so can't occur in that time. You can't tell in-game how far into that it is, keep track on paper or on a third-party archive like elitebgs.app

After that, if the conditions are met (which may itself take a day or may take several months, depending on player activity), either:
- Public Holiday will recur for another two days
- Another event will occur (Pirate Attack is quite likely, I would expect ... others less so but possible). If this happens, Public Holiday cannot recur until after this event has ended and its 14-day recovery has expired.

What conditions cause Public Holiday? Well, no-one outside Frontier knows - likely it has multiple things which make it more imminent and multiple things which make it less imminent, and you want much more of the first than the second. Good research topic if someone's looking to make a name for themselves.

(Public Holiday is an Event state, not an Economy or Security one, so it doesn't show up on the state sliders.)
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