PvP Pvp is a joke

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A lot of people raise issues despite not knowing what they're talking about. See the number of "what I shot a cop and now I'm wanted?????" threads. Complaining about something is not evidence that you understand the subject.
Simple fact is that I did a lot of testing and using M+K allows me to stay on target more and have more hits with rails. It is just the way it is.

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How did u figure that also? Just because I said I have a lot of hours of pvp? Even the fact that I am raising this issue should tell you that I understand how things work. It does not matter anyway of I am good or crapp. The issur still exists. In top pvp play mouse wins.
How many other PvPers that are at the top of their game, really know the mechanics, really know what they're doing - then need to hide behind anonymity whilst making stirring posts?

If we have to believe you because of how many hours of PvP you have, why are you afraid to tell us who you are?

This is the third thread on the subject in just over a week so I'll say to you what I've said every other time:
Top PvP players are probably 50% keyboard and mouse, most of the rest are flying stick. Often stick/keyboard but also plenty of HOTAS. Then there are some very high level PvPers that fly gamepad thrown in for good measure.

Evidence: search my CMDR name on Inara, look at what squadron I'm in, watch my YouTube videos to see who I fly with, read any of the other posts I've made in the previous threads detailing the control inputs used by the people in the videos I link. I have the conversations with these people to know how they're flying. I'm part of the community to have those conversations in the first place.

The idea that everyone "gud" at PvP is flying KB&M is a fallacy being circulated by a specific group for their own ends.

So again - if we have to believe your claims, where's your proof? Why should we trust you as a source of knowledge if you won't even admit who you are?
No need. It does not matter who I am. It only matters that I do pvp. The issue here is M+Kb=OP
If it only matters that you do PvP - then tell us who you are. Otherwise, we'll assume you don't do PvP and that it's all just gums flapping, gasping for air time.
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