PSA about HCS Voicepacks in Odyssey - and how to set up your keyinds in the new setup

With the changes to Odyssey - breaking the keybinds side of things in the game into 4 separate section - had a few queries pop up about "how do I make my keybinds work with Odyssey?".

Luckily, it's VERY straightforward. The crew at HCS put together a quick guide on YouTube as to how to do it from scratch:

the TLDW version

For voicepacks to work in Odyssey as they always did in Horizons, there's only one extra change you need to make

ALL FOUR sections of "controls" need to point at the SAME "Custom" binds file - that's your on general, ship, srv and on foot sections.

If you've used an HCS Custom setup previously, then you just put your 4th section (on foot) to point at that too, then customise the controls to your liking. Hey presto, you're all good.

If you want to do it from scratch - the "how" is in the video, but

  • Choose your control method for each of the 4 sections (could be HOTAS, HOTAS, Xbox controller, KBM as an example).
  • Then make at least ONE edit to each section and you'll see that the selected binds change from your choice above - to CUSTOM.
  • Do that for all 4 THEN simply go into the HCS Customiser ("protocol override customise my settings) and click KEYBIND CREATOR.
  • Select "custom" from bottom right, click CREATE and bingoboingo you've got a shiny new HCS Custom setup - it even asks you if you want to select it in game!

Odyssey players
- you're used to selecting the "Singularity" profile for Elite - there are now TWO (as the two games are different) - there's a separate ODYSSEY version of Singularity that works with the new menus etc

"Plot a course to my mission" and general galaxy map plotting voice commands - You need to make sure that your Galaxy Map panning keybinds are NOT the same as your Interface Left/Right/Up/Down keybinds (often WASD on both) or the plotting won't work, your screen will just wiggle about a bit. Recommend changing them to be on SEPARATE keys (maybe up/down/left/right arrows for one and WASD for the other)

"On foot" voice control is activated via the GRAVITY DLC from the HCS store - it upgrades all packs you own to include stuff for the on foot experience. Lots of funky new sounds too. Once you've got it you've got access to the "crewman xxxx, transfer to my suit" command which installs that voice in your suit - or can be used to swap them.

"On foot" to make the dyson scanner for biologicals work via voice (and the zoom scope voice command) - you need to set your "ADS" or "Aim Down Sights" to TOGGLE and not HOLD.

If you're hot swapping between Horizons and Odyssey - when you switch in that direction, the defaults forget all about your "on foot" section in the game. Just re-select your HCS Custom again for the 4th item (on foot).

If anyone gets stuck - drop me a line!
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