Planet Zoo YouTube Video Thread

Hey guys!

Can someone recommend a series with a highly themed zoo, that is build in sections (africa, asia etc.)? Preferably with voice over in english or german, but I take whatever. So no general zoos, but one where the sections are themed accordingly.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations. :)
Hello everyone !!! I've just started my YouTube channel with my first video where I rebuild the Zoobotánico from Jerez, Spain. My idea is to improve some aspects of this zoo while I analyse all the changes I make from a creative, biological, and conservationist point of view. Please, watch the video, make comments, suscribe and enjoy !!

Welcome to my new Planet Zoo project! The Djukarrnu Batjuwar Zoo is an Australian-themed desert zoo, and will feature animals from both the desert and grassland habitats.

I was given the phrase "Djukarrnu Batjuwar" by a friend's grandmother, who is an Australian aborigine. I apparently kept butchering the correct pronunciation, so Grandma Maggy laughingly said, "you're hopeless; here, this phrase is close enough", and spelled it out for me. Regardless, I owe Grandma Maggy Walpiri. as well as my friend, Corey Brannagan (her grandson) for their assistance.

I release Planet Zoo videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Mornings at 10 am, Eastern Standard Time (US) (that's 7 am US Pacific Time, 3 pm Greenwych Mean Time, and 4 pm Central European Time). See you in the next video!

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