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Hayo fellow zookeepers,

This thread is for sharing YouTube videos of Planet Zoo that you've discovered or found on the web and that you would like to share with the community here on the forums.

Would you like to share your own creations? Then head over to the Your Creations forum and share your pictures and videos there.
I'll be doing a full play through of the Career Mode. Here's the first video, which covers the first scenario.

In this episode, we earn bronze, silver, and gold metals for the first scenario, Stately Home Schooling, and get acquainted with the game.


Hello, everybody. I finally got my gaming channel out of the water and rebooted it this year, especially because of the approaching Planet Zoo launch (and other personal highlights like Transport Fever 2 & Pokemon Sword/Shield). Of course there's also a lot of Planet Zoo gameplay. If you speak or understand german and feel like it, just drop by. In this case, it's a german only Channel but since we have some more german community members, I thought I'll post it here aswell.


Hallo zusammen. Ich habe dieses Jahr endlich, besonders aufgrund des nahenden Planet Zoo Launches (und anderen persönlichen Highlights wie Transport Fever 2 & Pokemon Schwert/Schild) meinen Gaming Kanal aus der Versenkung geholt und rebooted. Natürlich gibt es da dann auch jede Menge Planet Zoo Gameplay. Wenn ihr Lust habt, schaut ruhig mal vorbei.

Hi Everyone,

I haven't made gaming videos for a long time. I recently got a gaming laptop specifically for Planet Zoo (And coaster) and I want to try and get back into it.

I felt I could do this again starting with planet zoo.

I would appreciate any support so if you could check out my First Video here:


This is the first time me playing Planet Zoo. I have not played the Beta. This is just a mess about episode as I get use to all the features and controls. Let me know what you want for episode 2.

Its a very beginners video as I'm starting to get back into the swing of things. I am open to suggestions on how to improve and how to move forward.

My video is also on my Steam Profile

For any viewers, Let me know what to do in episode 2!

Thanks again!
I'm starting in on the Career mode, and intend to do lots of speedbuilds as well as tutorials (once I'm sure I understand how everything works!)

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In this episode, we begin to work towards the gold metal for the Ape-renticeship scenario with the construction of a Tapir exhibit.

In this episode, we reach the gold metal level in the Ape-renticeship scenario after adding some small animal exhibits.

In this episode, we get started on the next scenario, Bear Essentials, and achieve the bronze and silver star levels.

I've made a couple videos so far. They are fairly lengthy but comprehensive. You can skip through them if you'd like but there's a lot of good info in here.

Guide to making money:

Best ways to make conservation credits (by tier of player):

You can also watch me play at:
I'll be on PZ Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3PM EST (8PM GMT).

Props to the community for awesome screenshots btw. I've used a few for slideshows during stream breaks.
I am sharing speedbuilds of my Zoo in Franchise Mode, that I have planned in advance.
Tune-In if you are interested.

This is the layout:

This is my youtube channel:

This are the first 4 episodes:



In this episode, we continue working on the Bear Essentials scenario with the construction of a black bear exhibit.

In this episode, we continue our work on the Bear Essentials scenario with the construction of a Black Wildebeest habitat and achieve the gold star for the scenario.

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