Planet Zoo Picture Thread

Imagine my shock when I bought this from the Trade Centre on Franchise. :eek: It didn't have the icon to show it was Albino so I thought I was getting a regular Peafowl until I went to put it in Quarantine and noticed the icon had changed to a white one and was like "....Nahhh....🧐🤨" So after Quarantine I put it in the enclosure and yeeppp it was truuuee. 🤣🤩 I only wish I didn't have the texture bug so It could look even better. 😭
This is Jasmine. She came from Königsberger Zoo. She was my first Albino and what a surprise she was! The first 3 pictures are of her and her offspring when she was around 2-3 years old. Eventually...She reached 23 years. The life expectancy of a Peafowl. So like I did throughout her 21 years at my zoo...I watched her. Enjoying her beauty (despite the texture bug) and doing Peafowl things. Spending time with her family. She was the star of the Habitat. Being the only white one at the time. And the first white one at that. She was mother to the whole flock (almost literally 🤣). Reaching old age...She started sleeping more. Only really waking up to eat and maybe go for a stroll now and again. (Read more below)


Alas...She had finally spawned another white baby. Carrying her special gene to pass on to many more generations of Peafowl.


So she spent time with her last litter, enjoying the thrill of motherhood one last time.


She watched them grow and enjoyed her family's company. One last time. (That's her on the left hobbling along. same in the pic above)

And then in the end.... (NEXT COMMENT)
She died at the grand old age of 32 years. Leaving behind many children and grandchildren with her blood flowing in their veins.

She was there at the very beginning of KaoRu's Safari as one of the first Peafowl I bought. She is greatly missed.

Day one. ☝☝☝

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Great pics, everyone. I love how just on this page, it covers the full spectrum of amazing animal life from the sheer beauty it provides, and all the way through from flipping hilarious to tragically sad. And it's amazing a game came convey this.

TheDeadYoshi, Wow! That gorilla pic is beautiful and majestic. It would look great as a huge print on a wall.

And here's a few from the maple leaf scenario. I keep finding myself just sitting back and gawping at the screen.. This game is pure eye candy.




And this game is so gorgeous, just one object can look amazing

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