Planet Zoo Picture Thread

The very first baby I had while in career mode, an adorable bison!

Also to participate in the community challenge I've been making an East Asia themed zoo! This was my attempt on making the staff facilities match


However I have a new layout idea for that zoo, so I'll be reconstructing it today :ROFLMAO:
I've been loving the game so far:love:
Chica's pretty (ignore the cannonball in the background, who moves so fast I haven't been even able to check if he's okay)


The only problem I have is that I made my cheetah habitat HUGE. Which is all well, I guess - they love it - but it looks... empty. :)
Well, they can do a lot of running at least.
Today I have to study (just copying my class notes to a more legible format) so while I'm doing that I have my Tiger zoo running, here is a proud mom with her 3 babies :love:

Also I'm really proud of the garial exhibit that's at the entrance of the zoo, I think it's just missing some smoke to really give it the right mood :ROFLMAO:
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