Planet Zoo Picture Thread

This is what happens if you feed too close to the STEEL BAR Fence
That's gotta hurt:LOL:. Had to remove the poor animal.
Reminds me of the Moment when a Guest made a very happy Polar Bear out of Blizzard when he stuck his Arm through the Glass Wall of the Underwater Viewing Area in my Marine Park. Of course the Bear didn't want to give the Arm back and even if he did, it most likely wouldnt've been possible to stitch that Arm back on the Man's Body😂
At least that Man discovered his Talent to stick Body Parts through Objects and still has the other Arm🙃
Oh, that's a cool name. Love the pool as well. I kinda want to jump in (Texas is so hot and I live 1 hour from the coast, so it's humid😵)
Thanks. Yea, its also very hot in here in Czech Republic. Cannot wait till my vacation next week, already imaging myself on a beach with a cold drink in my hand. 😂
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