Planet Zoo Picture Thread

Love building and landscaping in this game - cannot wait for the Australia DLC - the grasses alone are why it's worth buying, thanks Frontier, G
Thank you Urufu1997 :)

I have started using the Grassland and Desert filters when using plants and foliage and that is how the plants all look so nice together. The park it is in started as Planet Zoo architecture entrance area using workshop blueprints - usually I prefer the tropical region plants and in game grass/terrain colours (they are brighter and more luxuriant - for I live in the semi-tropics of Australia) - then, for this park - I challenged myself with Desert Biome and 44 degrees Celsius most days - so I had to change from usual tropical foliage to Desert and Grassland plants so it looked right. I had never used the Planet Zoo architecture for buildings before this park - or so extensively - so owe the entrance inspiration to the Workshop brilliance of other players.

But - after the guests enter the entrance, the theming changes to African Desert and I stuck with it for the rest of the park. Hence the plant borders in the photos.
I have to say, the Desert and Grassland plants are AMAZING - and with the additions of the Australia Pack - the borders will look even better. I'm SUPER excited about the building pieces too - for the odd scatterings of decorative paraphernalia will be awesome.
Regards G
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I made an enclosure today in my franchise zoo for the Dingo, I love them ):

I also took a whole bunch of Jaguar Pics as well. :)


You can look me up on Steam if you like my pics, and get super ultra Resolution versions of a lot of them if you want to use them as backdrops or other, I have a lot of pics from planet zoo. :) <3
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I decided to do a zoo with the new desert Aussie biom. The only problem with this map (as many people probably have found out by now) is that the whole map is tilted (very strange, I have no idea why), so that one side of the map is much higher up than the other. To combat this, I decided to use the "flatten terrain" tool to level out the map before starting to build the zoo. And to see wich parts i had already flatten, I used the short grass instead of the default sand as a visual aid.

And the end result looks pretty cool :D (you can clearly see in the image that the left side of the map is higher than the border, while the right side is much lower)
Aussie map.jpg
Every time when i close and demolish the whole park for redesign, all the guest all teleport to the enhance and leave, when you see 2000+ guests in a single corridor it is so similar to the railway station when i goto work everyday. :p


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