Planet Zoo Picture Thread

My entrance to a South American themed zoo. What do you think?

This little cutie was mustering the courage to jump the cavern of water
He just kept like "play" leaping over and over till he had the courage to jump the whole distance! It was super cute, and it made so happy. He eventually did jump and made it across! Behavior in this game definitely can surprise you sometimes!
Lion cub trying to leap across a cavern of water

"Where did all the Pandas in this exhibit go?" hears loud crunching noises behind the hill "oh there they are..."
Panda family lunch! :love:
Family of pandas having lunch together, crunching on bamboo
"Hey there little Panda!"

Its kinda sad, but it looks very cool:cool:


Why do you all have to go there, there is so much free space in the zooo_O

She looks so thoughtful eating her hay

Family dinner time🥩

"I will protect you"

Flying Elephants are cool

aswell as diving ones

The new co-worker
Even though it's kinda tedious building basicly the same habitat 10 times over when starting a new breeding program, for some animals, like here for my Japanese makaks, it's kinda fun :)

Really like the forest/swamp feeling you can get with mixing loads of plants. I so hope we get a Europe DLC with otters and the like!
Japanese makak.jpg
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