Horizons Planet showcase - post your most beautiful shots that you are really proud of

My contribution. Well, it would be if I could upload pictures but I'm greeted with errors all the time no matter the method i use to upload pictures
You'd think that FD would have the bugs worked out of the last update by now 🤪

Never noticed the water geyser when I landed. When I got back it was in full blow. By the time I was able to get a screenie I was calming down.
I took my SRV through a full blown geyser once and ended up 6km up.
I wonder what effect it would have had on my Krait Phantom had I landed 10 more meters?

Godda love Kraits!
I've got a Phantom with the SLT package (power windows, power rear sliding door, cup holders and a shower) $$$$ at 1.7% financing 🤪😁
I have 2. One for exploring (that one in the picture named Christian after the space folk song [Dawson's Christian, the version by Vixy and Tony is the best IMO. You can find it on the youtubes) and one for mining which I named Balaam's [ship name is filtered] (as in the talking donkey, not what it means in modern english).

What struck me about that system is that it was so black and white. like I arrived in a system stuck in a 1950s television.
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