Planet Dutch - A Planet Coaster Festival

I've been keeping a secret from you guys...

With a couple of amazing people we've been busy with Planet Dutch a festival made in
Planet Coaster!

On the 31st of August we'll release the date of the festival with an amazing trailer!

Pump up the speakers! Planet Dutch is going live and will fill your weekend with music!

EDM Stage 3rd of October:

3 PM CEST | 2005Lars

3:30 PM CEST| Dre

4 PM CEST | Road To Hardstyle by DwarrenIce

Hardstyle Stage 4th of October:

3 PM CEST | Svennn

3:30 PM CEST | DwarrenIce

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Rock on!
Just a few more days before Planet Dutch Christmas Edition goes live! Join me on the 24th of December 5 PM CET! The stage has been testing for the big day and I've taken some pictures while doing it;







Volunteer Moderator
You did not disappoint!!! 😀 It was fun to watch it with you and the others.
The music 🎶 the fireworks 🎆....Absolutely incredible!!
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