Distant Worlds II Event Photographer for Distant Worlds 2

Hello, all.
I am very new to the forums but not to the game. I am currently participating in Distant Worlds 2 as an Explorer/Photographer. I just wanted to make a selfless plug for my imgur page that you can all check out if you aren't on the journey. I will try to post often.


This is my imgur page that will display 1 of my albums for Day 2. Please take a minute to go check out my photography and let me know what you think!

Fly Safe!
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Thank you very much. I can't decide whether to make new threads for each album or just post them all here. What are your thoughts?
I know that star cluster. I followed it for a good while on my first trip to the core and I'm keeping tabs on it now on my way out. Makes me want to say go "Hello old friend" when I see it.
Theres the photography thread pinned above, please use that.. i'm no organizer or moderator but a simple forum user who would just like to see that these forums doesnt get flooded with individual pic threads..
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My day3.

Thanks for the feedback. I don't want my photos to get lost in a giant thread. Kind of a place for me to show friends not involved with the game so it's all in one place. Thanks for the suggestion though, and I mean no disrespect, Henkka77.

I am well interested in how your ship is doing?, any repairs yet?, any mishaps through flight? what loadaout your running? Do you plan on putting a blog together, or a CMDR's Log somewhere like INARA.
I'd like to get out there an do some myself, just need to get a ship together.
Hey there sir, I will post a link to a Coriolis build of my Krait Phantom when I get home tonight in a few hours. As far as performance goes I couldn’t be happier with how it’s performing. I was interdicted once after I reached omega sector took a little damage but was able to repair. The only other thing is I took some damage because I got too close to a black hole at Thor’s eye. I may post a blog or something, but I was thinking more just photos. I’m not the best writer. I really recommend you try exploration out. Even if it’s not with a massive group like Fleetcomm. These sights just being a level of appreciation for the game that can’t be found elsewhere.
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