Patch 2.4 is awesome!

So we are a couple of days into Patch 2.4 and so far it's been really good. I wanted to make a post that actually celebrated the awesomeness that is the Thargoid return and move away from the (now frequent) "what's in 2.4" threads which are cropping up all over the place and like a true prog rock song, they make no real sense, last forever and go nowhere.

At this point I'm quite high with anticipation surrounding the Thargoids, what do they want? what are they scanning for? Why have they blown entire fleets to pieces? who started the fight??

Last night I paid a visit to a crash site again, I grabbed an UA now called a "Thargoid Sensor" and headed to one of the Thargoid bases that wasn't caved in. I spent some time in there looking around for items that could assist us in the fight. When I left I was quite nervous about a hyperdiction (which didn't happen) as I made my way back to Pleiades Sector IR-W d1-55.

When I arrived back I started looking at signal sources and distress calls. I found three that where threat level 5 and when I jumped in I was amazed at just how cool these post battle scenes look, I mean what the hell just happened? Who started the fight? Then on my final jump into a signal source I met a Thargoid. This is the first time since the hyperdictions we've met but having an UA onboard the Thargoid wasn't happy and deployed the Tharglits (spelling). There was no way I was about to go tow to tow with a thargoid in my humble DBX so I backed off. I was mesmorised with it moving between the corspes of the imperial fleet ships scanning for things and then the Tharglits returning to the ship prior to it jumping out (I gave chase but nothing happens when they jump).

I'm looking forward to seeing where these goes and what happens when/if we unlock these new weapons.

At this stage I'm really happy with this update, it's awesome!
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