Oxygen Not Included released

Like in "full release" - it was in EA since around 2016/17. Imo, it's EA done right. They had milestones with release dates. Delivered on time. It was also more complex than I anticipated.
In a nutshell: ONI is like Rimworld only from the "side" perspective - not top down - with more science and physics simming minus combat and gear on characters. Well there is some, but the main point is digging, processing materials, researching, refining, managing the heat from processing and designing complicated machines for weird purposes.
It's very much a building sim, but you don't just plonk down buildings - the way you build can be a machine too: liquids to funnel, gases to cool, liquify, gasify whathaveyou.

If you like sandbox stuff where you can manipulate the environment with potentially catastrophic events - have a look at this.

Right know it's on release rebate on Steam. And at Epic store too, if you're so inclined.
ONI get a DLC: "Spaced Out" (early access now)

Key takeaway is you control several asteroids, ship resources and meep-power. A new swamp biome. Tech tree was reworked and rocketry made more accessible (I never made it that far in my playthroughs (about 10 serious colonies) - the most successful colonies ran until cycle 150-200 and then I always had ideas how to do it better and restarted. And the amount of job to launch rockets turned me off. I rather watched Brothgar do it. Rockets are also more easily edited. I guess they saw that not so many ppl bothered with the end game.
Also new critters. One of them produces lectricity.

Further down the line radioactivity and probably quite the stuff dealing with it.

Not sure about this one. I feel a colony is good task already. Spreading over several I'm sceptical how to manage it all. Selling point for me would be radioactive stuff to have fun with.
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