Operation IDA - Repairing our Foundation


This Saturday, OP-IDA & friends & allies will be holding an Event in which we will be repairing a station in One Day In an attempt to get more people involved in station repair & the war effort overall.

We're not doing this for ourselves but we are organizing this to get the community working together and to show that we can ALL make a difference.
The Station & system are very close to Sol and we'll announce where it is Tomorrow since we want to ensure all of us working towards this goal on Saturday get the proper opportunity to start from scratch until completion later in the day.

As a bonus and to make this even more fun, we'll be giving away 5 Ship Kits, Paint Packs, stickers + More.
Please feel free to join us on our Discord on Coms for even more fun!

Feel free to join, say hi and if you need access to our Private Groups (which we have on all 3 platforms) to fly in, let us know!

This will be similar to one of our many convoys which have always been crazy fun.

Look for final info tomorrow & we hope to see you there!

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No, OP-IDA has its own PG on PS4, but if enough of the PS4 folks are in another PG already, like Hers, no reason you couldn't use that or whatnot. o7
Mattingly Dock Now Finished

We are pleased to announce that in just over 72 hours, & with help from our expanding group of CMDR's, Friends & Allies, we've JUST finished all repairs, verified by Galnet of Mattingly Dock in Padhyas, our 3rd Bubble based station Repair in the past 6 days.
Look for an announcement in a few hours Re: Saturdays Event & Target!

o7 CMDRs!
Saturdays One Day Station Repair Event:

Tomorrows Event to Repair a Damaged Station in ONE DAY will begin tomorrow, Saturday The 6th of April at 12pm GAME TIME and take place at:

Jett Market in HIP 23395

As previously mentioned, we are asking all participants to not begin repairs until the aforementioned time.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to do a complete repair in the time stated without deliveries of commodities already having been started.

While Operation IDA has organized this, we're intent on communicating again that This Is A Community Event to demonstrate that a disparate group of people from all walks of the galaxy can come together and achieve something in the spirit of friendship & cooperation.

Everyone & all groups are invited to participate!
No ship is to large or too small!
All that matters is that you want to help!
We have already received messages from many friends and groups who will be attending.
This is going to be fun!

Again, feel free to join our Discord

Say Hi & we can help with any questions you may have. It's a friendly group!

In the Discord we have a couple channels that you can look at for additional information:

#tasklist & #trade-routes-and-whats-left-to-haul

These will include prioritized commodities, links to look them up on EDDB and where to find them plus we'll also be posting our own recommendations for where you can stage yourselves from as there's 3+ systems within 50+ LYs that have just about every commodity we'll need to buy and then deliver to Jett Market.

**After each delivery, if you would be so kind, please record your delivery in our #deliveries-to-jett-market Channel in the following format:

Deliveries for Jett Market - HIP 23395
Please use the following format:
Quantity ItemType @ InGameTime:
(EX: 123 Beryllium sold at 14:35)

We're asking this because for us, this is standard practice and also because it allows us to see who is hauling, what they've hauled and how much. We also want to use this for the various ways we're looking to reward people.

With that being said, we are looking to make this even more fun by giving out Prizes.
5 Ship Kits, various Paint Jobs, OP-IDA stickers, Patches + more! We will be incorporating different means (including random give-a-ways) in which we give Swag out so it wont be strictly based on overall totals hauled. We're nothing if not fair (and maybe a bit manic)!

In regards to needed commodities, besides getting the info from our Discord and at the station itelf (Station Services - Needed Commodities) you can find a spreadsheet with All Jett Markets requirements here:

We also have OP-IDA PG's that you can join that you can fly in if you don't wish to fly in Solo or Open.
Ask us in Discord & we can give you info on whats needed for that.

If you do want to fly in Open, we will have friends representing a number of groups including combat groups who will be patrolling the area.

Also feel free to join us on coms, sure it'll be chaos and madness, but it's a fun Chaos and madness!
This event is akin to our Convoys we have had when we were in The Pleiades.

Again, we welcome anyone to join us and look forward to repairing this station in under a day Together!

The War is taking a toll on humanity but we can work together to show not just the invading Thargoid forces, but our own people that there is still hope and that we will fight for the right to exist!

Thank you CMDR's!
See you tomorrow!

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Today Has Truly Been A Momumental Day.

We thought fixing One station was insane, but we never EVER thought we could, let alone WOULD, fix TWO stations in one day...... MADNESS!!

And yet, Operation IDA with so much help and support from our friends and allies did what many would have said was the impossible... YET WE STILL DID IT IN RECORD TIME.....

15 hours, 5 Minutes total for both stations!
3 hours, 36 minutes for Jett Market
11 Hours, 40 minutes for Dyomin Station

Our total haulage in this time was 1,115,206 tons!!!


You ALL are an inspiration! What else can be said?
We are so proud of all of you whether you've been a long time member of our group, a newer member or a group or individual who just wanted to help.

This was truly a community effort and nearly incomprehensible!

In the next day we will be going through all the deliveries and awarding multiple prizes, 5+ Ship Kits, Stickers, paint packs, all of it. Random draws will be picked as well as prizes for a select few who went far beyond what was expected, regardless all of you are heroes and deserve a hearty congratulations for your incredibly amazing work.
We will be continuing to count deliveries up until 12:00 pm UTC as we stated from the start to give everyone a chance at a prize.

While we encourage everyone to take a break to get your wind back, we realize many of you have the hauling bug.
With that being said, The next target we are going to be heading to will be Bethke Ring in Werapana to assist Hutton in finishing that station.

Again, we can not stress what an accomplishment today has been and proves without a shadow of a doubt what we all can do when we do it TOGETHER.

OP-IDA and friends, Remember this day... See what's possible!
We are capable of so much!

So much Love & Respect for all of you!


The OP-IDA Coordination Team
Thank you to the community for joining together in this record day! Thank you to Snufkin for designing a bot that logged 578 player delivers to repair Jett Market in 3 hours, 36 minutes and logged 1079 player deliveries to repair Dyomin Station in 11 Hours, 40 minutes.

Bethke Ring Complete

Another station finished early this morning by OP-IDA & The Hutton Truckers as Bethke Ring in Werapana has been confirmed as receiving all needed commodities!

So many new people and members of other groups from the Elite community joining to assist, it’s incredible to see!

We’ve now moved on to join Hutton at Furukawa Port in 61 Virginis & should have that Station up by Thursday.

o7 CMDR’s
Bresnick Orbital Complete

Another station completed as OP-IDA, The Hutton Truckers & all Allied groups & independent CMDRs who are assisting have finished repairs on Bresnick Orbital in Ross 695.
We have now moved to focus on Quaglia Dock in the Oraon system.

o7 CMDRs

The community support of all who came out to assist has been staggering and we are now redirecting to DYOMIN STATION to attempts a 2nd repaired station in the same day.

Bravo CMDR's
Wow!! That's absolutely bonkers! Lol :D
And many stations since too! :cool:
Gutted I missed out on the Saturday craziness, since the forum change I couldn't see where my sub'd threads were (stumbled across them from an old link just now!).
Quaglia Dock Complete

Yesterday OP-IDA, The Hutton Truckers & the many groups & allies all working together to repair stations in the area finished repairs on Quaglia Dock in Oraon.

Now working on Ramelli Terminal in Li Tzicnii a Station 103,000 LS from the star.

In addition Henry Dock in Valkups was finished as well by The Hutton Truckers meaning that the general area that had been identified containing all these stations in the central bubble is well on its way to being finished barring additional attacks.

Amazing effort again by all involved showing that anything is possible when the community comes together.
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