Opacity (_OP) does not work?

Does anyone also has problems with the Opacity (_OP) Textures?
I want to make a Object with a 50% Opacity but ingame its just Opaque.

In the Attachment you see my _OP Texture. The Top Right should have 50% where aso the Object Meshes are and the rest should be normally visible.


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From the very bottom of the TMT guide on Materials

When authoring materials that have transparent or translucent qualities you need to place an additional suffix into the texture name which should be included in the material name.
For a transparent material:

Base colour
Alpha Clip

For a translucent material:

Base colour
Alpha Blend

For a specular transparent material:

Base colour
Specular Alpha Blend

These suffixes need to be applied to all textures that are used by the translucent or transparent material.
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