OK ... This is now a problem

Ah, I see. It's not okay to judge new players but it is okay to judge FDev?

Not sure you want to go into the useless discussion that will now follow when we go into the details of this particular exchange, but to clarify: I never said I don't judge all people, I simply said that I judge FDEV for being absent from problem solving in this case, which is no way an unreasonable statement. Using my ability to judge people, situations and events based on different parameters of those situations doesn't make me a hypocrite, as little as it would make you one.

It does however suggest you're a rather unpleasant sort of chap calling me names. If you have any personal beefs with me (that contribute something other than ad hominem attacks) I suggest you take it up in a personal discussion which won't be off topic to this thread. If not, please refrain from making me the target of your keyboard warrior cravings, thank you very much.
That's what happens when you make carriers easy to get
So we mine to get enough credits to buy a FC, so that we can park it at a good sell site, so we can gum up the works and make it impossible to move... this is a big OOF snowballing its way into the record books
(Still can't afford a fleet carrier yet)
This is what happens when you dont invest in decent servers
I don't know if it's a server quality issue. I think it's just an undiscovered issue arising from too many persistent objects, commander traffic, trading overload or some combination of these. I have two PS4s running on the same router here, one which had (finally got free) a high traffic system lockup, and one without problems. When we traded machines, the problem followed the account, (points up the point that connection issues aren't the problem). I think the lack of response might just be due to knowing that this is transient and the techs don't want to form-letter each of us trouble ticket people with the answer. (might help to make an announcement broadcast though)
If it's a server loading issue then it could be your suggested problem as well, I don't think they're going to let us be privy to what brand and how many users are being hosted on each server. (End user problems/we own the system so we aren't going to tell you kind of thing 8).. )
I think if we just grit our teeth we'll make it through this.
was fine all morning, now 2 disconnects in 5 minutes, this is getting tiresome.

Make that 3.
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I play on PC and both consoles and, as some have said, this problem is much worse on the consoles.

I don't get disconnected on the PC as much, but I get occational disconnects on the PS4 and can hardly stay connected on the XBox One. This was not the case before the Fleet Carriers release!

I've checked and rebooted all my network hardware to make sure it's fresh.

Frontier, you definitely have network problems with this release and the consoles!!!!
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i did a quick traceroute on some of the addresses in the netlog and seems find until it hits the aws in the uk and then seems to die (though could also be that those devices are not configured to respond to icmp.)
i did a quick traceroute on some of the addresses in the netlog and seems find until it hits the aws in the uk and then seems to die (though could also be that those devices are not configured to respond to icmp.)
AWS does indeed routinely block ICMP at their boundary, at least in my experience :)
I’ve noticed it gets a bit choppy in certain stations or systems, and at least two mauve disconnects in any 1-2hr game session - highly annoying. Wasn’t this way before the carriers.

I’m happy many people are enjoying their carriers and that it’s opened up potentially new gameplay, but for me it’s a game killer.... all these carriers everywhere posing as ‘shops’.... utterly ruins the game world and is immersion breaking in the highest. And it only compounds the massive imbalance issues with mining that there existed prior to fleet carriers. It’s like the FCs have magnified the issue, not sought to address it.

Even if I filter them off they’re still there. It just reeks of ‘broken game mechanic’ imho, which is fine, each to his own and it’s FDev’s decision and they must stand by their actions, but if it breaks the networking for players in addition, then seriously, FDev, what the .....

..... ( rant over!)
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