Odyssey and Horizons Custom Binds File Question?.

I am a HOTAS user currently an X56. In Horizons there is one Control binds option in Settings while in Odyssey there are four. In Horizons I have mostly all of my binds for ship, srv, cameras etc set by using shift buttons on the X56. Other than for a few seldom used commands I have never really used the keyboard and mouse. When Odyssey was released for some reason many players started using the keyboard and mouse for the "On Foot" binds me like wise but I ended up buying a Logitech F310 game controller for the "On Foot" and the X56 for the rest, and that Is how I have it all working and working fine at the present time.

Now perhaps this is a dumb question but as there are four different control options in Odyssey ie Modes, Ship, SRV, On Foot does this mean that these are four "independent" options and therefore we could use the same joystick button eg J2 in each of the four options to do a different thing without getting the " J2 is already set as X do you want to change it" pop up message. If so, and each of the four seperate options is fully independent without conflicting then it should be possible to operate everything from the X56 without using keyboard/mouse/gamepad or am I wrong and have indeed posed a dumb question?. :)
you should be able to bind the same controls to different function for space, foot and SRV, camera and scanner ie WASD for your standard FPS foot controlls then and to move the SRV turret and for ship thrusters

if you ever see a popup saying the function is already in use you can cancel at that point if you click accept by mistake clicking cancel to exit control settings will also revert you changes
Generally yes but their are some bugs in the system, however as stated above you do get a message saying that key is already in use.
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