Oculus Quest 2 or Warthog HOTAS?

I suppose the HOTAS first, to get used to it, then the VR, but which experience would most so much more of the game?
BUY BOTH! I hear you cry, but turning 50 will only get you one of these dream items (at least for now anyway) What say you?


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I've got the X56 which when I bought it it was about £150ish? Id consider a cheaper HOTAS and the Q2 then upgrade later?

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Don't get the Warthog.
Nothing against it in itself, but the stick only has two main axes (no twist). In ED in VR, you'll want to fly with full 6 DOF - that means dual twisty sticks, or stick plus throttle with ministick, or throw in a pair of good rudder pedals.

Alternatives would be VKB or Virpil - I got a pair of the latter (Constellation Alpha R+L).
This is a difficult one.

VR is sublime. It’s incredible, mesmerising, stunning! It turns this game in to something quite beautiful. You will never go back. Why play a game on a 2D screen when you can actually sit in a spaceship - it really is that good.

But... you can’t really enjoy VR with a mouse and keyboard, or game pad, its not what you do. So you definitely need a HOTAS.

VR is your goal, but if you can only have one now, and one later, get the HOTAS first, and soon as you can get that VR! You won’t regret it
Thanks all - good feedback from ED players is what I wanted. So much chat on the virtues of HOTAS, it's difficult to know where to turn. I think I'm erring towards HOTAS first - probably the X56, as it appears to be a popular choice. Not one of them (given the lengthy reviewing process) streaks ahead with 5 stars all around. I'm enjoying the process of selection though. Thanks again for your help and the welcome. I've being playing ED since 1984 using various input methods over the years.
I’ve gotta say.. it might be slightly more difficult but I bloody love my HOTAS for me it changed the game completely.. before HOTAS I was playing a game about spaceships, after HOTAS I was flying my own damn ship!!! I’m still excited about the feeling every time I log on now. It was that different for me. Having said that I’ve heard the transfer to VR is like that but an order of magnitude more so! Also more expensive though too. Good luck with your choices 👌
I've literally just got my VR set up and it's honestly a revelation. I've been using the X52 hotas on the PC account for months and it's good but nowhere in the league of VR. You can use a controller for VR, I don't see how anyone could use kb+m in VR. The full experience is with hotas and vr. To that end it will be worth learning where everything is on your hotas before you go to VR. Don't wait to long though because VR is awesome.
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