NPC Crew

Posted this on one of the Facebook groups the other day but posting it here for consideration in the roadmap:

NPC Multi crew where firstly they will warn you (cue different voices associated with crew) that a module is taking damage but you can then instruct them to start repairs. You could also hire crew with different stats - eg crap (initially) at combat but good at Systems.
I'd love to see our crew be capable of more, but at the moment they are officially "finished" until further notice. Crew do technically have two mechanical stats, a combat rank and a payment percentage, plus a backstory, face and a voice, but they are still lacking any real substance and are very much limited in their capabilities and interaction.
I would love to see any form of NPC crew members but sadly this feature was not mentioned in recent FD plans for "Beyond" updates. I dont think this is on "to do list".
We could hire NPC`s to do some ship system management for us or even fly in SC. Of course more experience NPC would cost ore money for his job and be more proficient, less likely boosting you in to a station than other.
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