Release NohBoard with Direct Input Support - beta 0.8

NohBoard with Direct Input Support - beta 0.8


some of you will be familiar with the excellent NohBoard tool from Eric Bataille, a highly customizable overlay that visualizes mouse and keyboard input and can be easily imported into OBS.

I am pleased to announce the first release of my yet-unmerged branch of NohBoard that adds DirectInput support to the application.
You can find the beta release 0.8 at the following URL:

I have made the following video showing how to use and configure the new features:

And in this video you can see it in action against a Basilisk Interceptor.

Please let me know what you think of it - by now I'm confident enough with the NohBoard codebase to be able to implement further improvements if needed.

Further examples of NohBoard overlays with DirectInput support:



o7 and Fly Dangerous CMDRs.


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