No animations included after processing?

I'm making a simple animated scenery object. It passes all checks and I can see it in the game fully textured. However, no matter what I do the animation won't export. All of the boxes are checked and I was able to successfully export another object with the exact same settings just yesterday. I'm using FBX ASCII to export. Is there anything I may be missing? Even if I copy/paste the entire thing into a new blender workspace and export, it still does not work.
Some people had success exporting Blender animation using the FBX binary option. Won't hurt to try I guess (except for the sometimes tortuous queue wait).
The animation won't apply with either. They have textures applied, but no animations for either export method. Really strange too, as another object I made exports perfectly fine. But I can't tell whats the difference between the two.

EDIT: So as a last-ditch effort last night, I combed through the object that I made that did work and discovered one tiny discrepancy. That was that the lod's in this object were never assigned to "layers". It shouldn't make a difference, but whaddaya know, it works now. Something to remember for the future, I guess.
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i have troubles with the animation myself.

i use ASCII export, but my animations are wrong to. so if i rotate it, its not working ether.
with binairy the animation wont work at all. I use blender.
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