NGC 2286 C 42 Strange location needs further looking into


So bit of a far stretch however most of the older alpha, beta and release folk will most like know back then the NGC 2286 used to be towards the galactic centre where this lone system is now, We also know that this was moved due to being misplaced by the galaxy creation as it should reside pretty much where it is now in The Constellation Monoceros.

However I have to revive this lone system as I have been doing some thinking back then when the move happened people where asking why the lone system was not moved yet the rest where, After a while and multiple tickets later i recall a cmdr posting a reply to his (His was the first ticket regarding this) that that lone system was left there purposely.

Now we have to remember this is long before thargoids, Long before Horizons etc however why was it purposely with no permit lock or change like the rest of its cluster? May i also add that Miackce in the older game was originally located further galactic north from the bubble which this system (Or area) fits the bill, If we chase back from Orion,Horsehead, Col 70, m41 etc etc it leads towards the full cluster permit locked region, Now everyone already believes and it has been mentioned this is either the thargoid "Home", their fallback area in the future war, or something adleast related to them......but why leave that one system "Purposely" without a permit lock.

Now iv been here, its nothing special, doesn't fit Dark wheel criteria, Miackces system map from old (Retconned location/system map maybe though?) or any other things however i never actually mapped the planets, this may be a very wild goose chase but there has to be something there, it was left there for a reason and the fact it hasnt a permit lock and we still havnt found "things" that are apparently in the game this could be something.

Again may be a wild goose chase but 1 system not far from the bubble wont let me upload the system map screenshot for some reason but i will tell below the details I can see.

M class star

Asteriod Belt

Gas Giant 1 with 3 landable moons (Rocky or ice) (Possible water life/amonia giant?)

Gas Giant 2 with 6 landable (Rocky or ice)

Gas Giant 3 with 4 athmospheric moons (Ice ammonia or just ice)

Gas Giant 4 with 5 landable moons (Rocky or ice)

Gas Giant 5 with 6 landable moons (Rocky or ice)

Again this may be wild speculation but its just weird and has been said years ago to hold somewhat of a "Purpose" and intended to remain where it is
I was there yesterday. Its one of the most boring and average systems I can think of. Bit of vulcanism and thats it. Maybe the gyseres are interesting for the srv extreme sports people but besides that ... yawn
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