New stream series: Frontier Xtra

I actually enjoyed yesterdays stream when Paige started talking about resetting the game and starting again and why for the first 2 minutes, thought this is gonna be good. turned off after 12 minutes not sure if Paige got a word in edgeways again. She did do the new player mission and some trade in the background, you know, the stuff that was advertised as the point of the stream but no explanation for the newer player of what was going on.

heres a tip, ignore the attention demanding commenters asking about the next DLC after Fleet Carriers and focus on the damn game that's being played.

lets have one with just Paige please, I think that's what a new player needs.
Some content for new users is OK, after all FDEV needs to sell more licenses.... but lets have some content for experienced (I have 10,000 hours according to steam in this game). I still enjoy it greately, but I am tired of hearing the presenters saying 'a new BGS feature, but I dont play BGS so i dont know the details'..... and similar comments re: PP. Im very tired of the game being 'dumbed down'.
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