New Community Manager - Zac Cocken

Welcome, Zac!
I enjoyed your introduction in the last Anniversary Stream. Your flying skills are very good!
As for your trip to Colonia: My alt commander arrived there lately. There is plenty undiscovered systems on the way. I sugest you to not plot the route in straight line from the Bubble to Colonia. First I headed about 5000 ly to the "west" and then I turned to Colonia. There's still a lot to discover!
Greetings Commanders,

I’m Zac, and I’m happy to say I’ve joined Frontier as a Community Manager on Elite Dangerous! I previously worked as a CM at PQube Games, working on things like BlazBlue, Nexomon & more – but I’m incredibly excited to get to know everyone and meet you all out in space!

A bit about myself, I’ve grown up a fan of Frontier games, and I do already have some experience in Elite (it’s a lot of hours compared to most games, but there’s plenty more to learn)! My current ship is a Krait Phantom, which I’m in the early process of engineering to maximise its exploration potential – I’ve always wanted to make a trip to Colonia!

Apart from Frontier games, I’m usually playing something management focused or story-based. KOTOR & Mass Effect stand out as series that I have played to death!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all in the stream chats, on Twitter, and on Discord (you can find me at Zac#8121).

Until then, fly safe Commanders!

Welcome Zac o7
Welcome to the great family on the forums ! Zac.

You will see, it is an exceptional community comparable to a real family. ;)


🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 🦠 😷
Hi Zac,
Happy new year. Hoping you and your family will stay healthy and safe.

beloa is a wish list I have for Elite dangerous:

1. LOG = Huge improvements to the Commodities / Trading Data / Market Network
2. Remove the top right info box see in cockpit
3. Apply a next 10 jump mini map with system info ( scoopable star / distance / economy / faction / status);
4. Provide in game resource search (like in X series ... )
5. Improve info display on galaxy map... and especially the research function. Why is there a 40LY radius restriction?
6. Increase the max jump range with ship and FC. Or reduce the jumping time (actually 60s). Jumping is not a funny game play
7. Provide more stuff to discover on planets (ruins, geological, ...)
8. Provide new SRV and allow customization with A to E grade parts... especially cargo space
9. Improve load system. Why 1 ton of gold take the same space as 1 ton of garbage??? Once again refer to X series
10. Allow recruiting NPCs to use turrets and other features out of the fighters;
11. Make mandatory for big ships (anaconda for example) to have a minimum crew (NPCs) to be more realistic ... even if they don’t do anything special for now. This will have a cost and justify grinding.

Hopefully I will get some feedback.

Best regards
Hi @Zac Cocken , I'm a bit late but hi!

You don't need to engineer a ship to get to Colonia though, just build a DBX or AspX Max jump range build and use the neutron highway, takes no time at all - even for me with my only few hours playtime in the past year! 😃

Cheers 🙂
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