Need help for error [Bad Bone Weights]

Hi Planet Coasters,

I am trying to animate a stargate but keeping error: Weights for influencers should sum to one [Bad Bone Weights]
I have used a base bone, and all the vertex are assigned to a bone. i have check it with wight paint.
So if anyone could help me, and know a solution ?
i like making additional props for the game, but this error frustrates me.
See attachments for additional info.

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Sam Denney

Lead Artist
Hi Raptor

Each vertex has 'Vertex Weight' values for each bone it is influenced by. The error you see is due to all weights from one vertex adding up to more than 1. Blender has 'Auto Normalize' and 'Normalize All' functions under the Weight Paint mode which should help to correct this.


I hope this helps.
still not working

Hi Sam and other Planet Coasters,

thanks for your advice but i still can't get it working.
All the vertex has the sum of 1. i upload the zip as a attachment.

View attachment gate

I think the model might be to complex or so ? I just keep it with static objects for now.
Animated ones are to complex to make for now to let them work with the theme makers toolkit.

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I load it tomorrow and Check some vertices. Maybe in the bonefolder are more than One Bone for One vertice so you have to delete the Bones in the folder that didn't should move it.
If you weighted all the vertices and still can't figure out why it won't work, you'll likely find the culprit in the FBX settings.

In 3Ds Max, i can only speak for max, you need to activate >Animation, AND you need to activate >Deformation and >Skin (and deactivate >Morph)
This should make the FBX store the right data and your upload should go through. If not. There's another solution on top of the FBX settings.
Use a dummy, link the rootbone or all separate top-hierarchy bones to the dummy as children and in the FBX set "Dummies as bones"

Let me know whether this helps

EDIT: Forgot to add two important settings: You also need to have "Bake animation" and "resample all" enabled for animation scenes
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