Multi-Crew + Wing-Experience = Needs Inmprovements

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So last night I had a friend join the game after purchasing a copy of Elite in the sale. This friend wished to join us in Bounty Hunting in PvE, but being brand new and inexperienced I suggested perhaps multi-crew on board my ship first while I wing with some friends so she could learn a little first while having some fun. In theory it was a good idea, but we immediately ran into problems. This is a short review of our first multi-crew experience, highlighting some issues that ruined the experience, with suggestions to work around these issues so that players can better enjoy the multi-crew experience.

First Issue:
After outfitting my FDL with some features that my multi-crew member could use, such as turreted weapons, kill scanner, I invited my multi-crew member aboard. Immediately we were faced with a problem, the multi-crew member could not fulfill the role of Gunner, and the multicannons would not fire. We checked all steps, all the obvious things such as 'are you outside the ship in correct gun mode, are the guns turreted, are the fire groups correct, is the player in Gunner role' etc etc... I went on a few discords and got some advice from fellow players experienced in multi-crew. For over half an hour everyone was stumped, however a few players had encountered the issue before... it seemed to be a bug with turreted weapons. I ejected and reinvited the multi-crew member a few times and in between that also changed turret weapons to forward fire, then the guns started to work. All in all, it took a great deal of time before we could even get multi-crew to work.

Obviously any bugs with multi-crew need to be worked on, but also, things should be more intuitive and easy to setup in the first place.

Second Issue
Once we had the multi-crew player aboard, it was time to wing up with my other two wing mates, so that all in all, there were four of us, 3 ships, with 2 players multi-crewing... alas we soon discovered that it would not let us wing up. We thought this was another bug, but more time spent online searching and chatting to discord members revealed that this is not even an option in the game. You can either multi-crew OR wing up, but you can not do both. This was obviously a big let down to our intended PvE gameplay and fun for the evening.

While I can see potential reasoning for a lack of multi-crew and wing-up combination, it seems quite apparent that there are some easily thought out solutions to overcome any such concerns... such as the concerm that in PvP you may end up with a wing of 4 anacondas, each with 3 people on board, making it an unfair advantage... However, two very simple solutions to this potential argument would be to:
A) Limit a multi-crew + wing-up to PvE groups only, so that the function will not work in Open Play
B) Limit the multi-crew + wing-up experience to 4 members. So that you could either have 2 ships with 2 multi-crew on each, 1 ship with 3 members and another ship with 1, or 1 ship with 2 members multi-crewing with another 2 ships in wing... so that whichever way you organise it, the experience is always limited to 4 members in a wing, which would overcome any potential debate regarding fairplay.

It was quite a big disapointment to find this was not possible, so in the future I think many of us would hope that something could be improved with regards to a multi-crew + wing-up experience.

Third Issue
After discovering that Multi-crew wing-up was not possible, I suggested that we split into two groups, with our 2 friends in 2 ships in their own wing, while myself and our friend who was brand new to the game would be multi-crewing in one ship. The idea being that we could still have some fun together Bounty Hunting in a HazRes and helping each other out... We quickly discovered even this was not possible. We found that although we were kill scanning ships before we began to fight them, we were not earning any money, our two friends were earning after each kill, but we were not. The realisation was that we were being forced to compete for kills. This again was a huge disapointment to the multi-crew experience. As we could not both earn from kills, we chose to leave the HazRes to our two friends, while we found another to hunt in.

An improvement to this situation would be to simplly allow two groups to earn while in the same combat zone, rather than forcing teams to compete. If we are not allowed to multi-crew wing-up, at least allow co-operative play between multiple wings, with all players earning equally!

Fourth Issue
As everything we had tried so far had resulted in a dampener on our intended fun, I suggested that perhaps we could go to a conflict zone, where at least, although in two wings, we could be on the same side and earn combat bonds as a team. However we soon discovered that even this was not possible. More disapointment and frustration! We discovered that the same thing happened if we both fought the same craft. For example if we both fought against an enemy corvette, while we would have fun working as a team, only one would earn any reward. The very fact of us being there also seemed to create bugs where the enemy would go orange untill we attacked one ship

Overall, there needs to be some sort of work around for either multiple wings working together, or a multi-crew working with a wing IF we are not going to be allowed to work as a collective team. It was no fun at all having to face glitches and bugs while we were forced to compete for any rewards, or even try to avoid each other as we make sure we fight different opponents.

Fifth Issue

At the end of what was a frustrating experience, I discovered that my multi-crew member earnt less aboard my ship than she would have done if in a ship of her own. The payout was not equal. As a new player she was of course not bothered, but I was. I wanted to share equally the rewards gained, but there was no option to allow this. My multi-crew member had to accept a small portion of the rewards.

The conclusion we all agreed on was that currently there seems little incentive or point to the multi-crew experience. Why would someone multi-crew only to experience many bugs and glitches, not be able to team up with other friends, not be able to share rewards in either BH or conflict zones, and then at the end of the evening, not even have a choice to share out the profits eqaully as a team with the other multi-crew member. Compared to the ability to just wing up, the multi-crew experince feels deeply flawed, and the way it is portrayed seems to present a false impression as to what you actually experience. We agrred that we doubt we would use this game mode again untill it is greatly improved upon.

Final Suggestion
The idea behind the Multi-Crew experience is a really great one. It would be so much fun to experience that original idea without all the limitations and disapointments. Give the crew the option as to how they wish to pay their multi-crew staff! Allow people to both multi-crew and wing up (within reason). If there are concerns over PvP situations, then limit the experience within that particular area in Open Play. Take off the leash and set Multi-Crew free so that players can fully experience the fun and potential this mode of game play has to offer.
I agree with all of this except the only in private play part, if you can group of anacondas with full crews you deserve to win lol
I agree with all of this except the only in private play part, if you can group of anacondas with full crews you deserve to win lol
If you get full wing + full crew in open you should be marked on map so we know where not to go if we want to live :D
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