Multi-Crew Fun Success

Just thought I'd share that my buddy and I are having a fun time in Multi-Crew.

I've been on PC for awhile, currently working on rank for a Corvette, but for the time being my Annie is giving me loads of fun.

He just switched from Xbox to PC, but he decided not to transfer accounts, as he has a Corvette and doesn't want to lose all that progress.

So, to help get him up to speed in credits to get him outta that Sidewinder, we decided to Multi-crew up and do some bounty hunting. I threw in some extra fighters in my Annie, and some burst laser turrets.

He says he loves flying the fighter, and he even loves manually shooting my bursties.

Now, I have set up Voice Attack for my Rift headset (he also has a rift) and i have set commands for my fighters to "Attack Target" and "Defend Me". So when i tell my NPC crew fighter to "Attack Target", he loves role-playing and doing as I tell him to do also :p. The always replies with "Yes Captain, my Captain!" He says it's so much fun to fly along side the other fighter and flank the target.

Hah. Having friends in real-life that also play the same video games makes playing them so much more fun.

We can't wait for the Wing Missions.
Same here, a lot of fun with a friend on the ship. Been mainly doing Haz Rez and combat zones (Something I found boring doing solo) I'll add that inviting fighter pilots from Open can also be good fun, was a bit nervous about people joining to cause trouble, so far everyone has been cool, always a constant supply of fighter pilots in open.
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I've enjoyed similar multicrew shenanigans with my Cutter. My friend also enjoys the SLF flying, but hasn't yet worked out the gunner role (he needs to adjust his bindings to be able to actually fire!). It's a great way to both get to make use of a big ship (he doesn't get much time to play, and has got as far as a Viper currently!). I'm also looking forward to the wing missions tomorrow, as these should help us both progress much more quickly (assuming that I complete most of the delivery in the Cutter, and my other account just takes advantage of the payout). :)
I've enjoyed some of multicrew with my friends but it does still seem a bit too buggy compared to wings and I really wish there was more to it than just combat. If we try travelling between systems with multicrew more often than someone in the crew disconnects during jumps and besides there's nothing for them to do when not in combat. More often than not its just more interesting to form a wing so everyone has a ship to fly rather than just sitting there waiting for combat.
Oh... The other awesome thing I found about multicrew was that I could look to my left (in the Cutter) and there was someone sat in the seat! Little things, but this adds a lot in VR - it actually felt that I wasn't alone.
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