'' MOTHER-SHIP '' ... the damn aliens are back !!!

Before the word UFO was invented Real pilots saw these flying glowing Spheres.... They called them FOO-Fighters.
They did not fly here from another planet by them self though. A mother-ship brought them here to investigate the primitive humans, and their wars.

Most Aliens do not understand the point in having Amusement parks, and what Fun is really...They are more like insects.
This Mother-ship has 92 of these Foo-Fighters. and 1 is more than enough to give the entire US-military a fight, so do not provoke them please!! :oops:
Source: https://imgur.com/ybHhVK5

Source: https://imgur.com/yHxOH7n

Source: https://imgur.com/ro3N1KS

Source: https://imgur.com/ao8b5di

Source: https://imgur.com/QTi5LDW

Source: https://imgur.com/kwgI8sY
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