Missions with no way to complete (destination faction doesn't exist)

My fiance has recently started playing and twice she has run into a data transport mission where the faction doesn't exist at the target destination. I've confirmed this is the case. Pick up transport mission at station A in system X, deliver at station B in system Y to faction F. Go to B,Y and there is no faction F to turn in the mission. Only option is to abort at take the fine.

Not a big deal for a long-time player that can afford it, but for a new player it's a pretty big financial hit (and very frustrating). We filed a bug report a few weeks ago, but haven't heard anything.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or am I missing something and we-re doing something wrong?
factions change in systems as they expand and retreat, and if you take a mission just before they retreat you won't be able to complete. Known issue. If it bothers you try and avoid taking missions from factions where they are in the retreat state.
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