Mining SLF(Pretty please FDEV)

Here's the ask:

Mining SLF's, multi-crew capable, to assist with utilizing the new mining features.

Each SLF should have limited combat capability(using a mining lazer), or simply no offensive capabilities at all and simply chaff for escaping.

The SLF would be able to scan the rocks and "tag" them with a beacon so the mothership can relocate to them.

Additionally, different SLF's could have different loadouts, but I don't see any weapons making much sense besides the stock mining lazers and maybe an abrasion blaster(re-dock for ammo restock?)

While the mothership is doing the heavy hitting with deep core stuff, the SLF's could be hitting the surface with the old style mining lazers, and scouting other rocks.

Gameplay would be great for social mining, and perhaps a boost to chunks broken free by using the SLF would add an incentive for utilizing them?

No idea what the AI pilots would do, sounds like a lot of work to order them to do anything other than to simply blast away at the currently targeted rock, but I'm no coder.

Gimme your thoughts CMDR's, I know it's a pipe dream but every major industrial co-op has to start somewhere.
51 views and no comments? Not even a troll responding telling me to switch to the Star Citizen demo over the actual game I love and enjoy playing here? Slow week on the forums or what?
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I would LOVE mining small craft. Would be so much easier to fly around the rock to extract than trying to do so with a large and very sluggish ship.

But nothing I've seen seems to indicate Frontier are interested in anything but combat fighters.
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