Mining fighters

Either create mining specific fighters out allow for the loadout if fighters to be changed to include mining equipment.

Imagine being able to use your cutter to scan for deep core asteroids, find one with a prospector limpet, then launch your mining fighter, place charges while your cutter sits at a safe range, donate, and use abrasion cannons to break chunks loose while remotely triggering your cutter to release collector limpets.

This would be a great mining experience, and it would be an absolute blast in multicrew.

This would but be that hard to implement, and would be a great addition.
Perhaps there could be different configuration of mining "fighters" just like is currently setup with the Figher Bay fighters so you could focus on the resources you intend to gather. It would be really nice if the miner could remotely trigger the collection limpets from the main ship rather than trying to put them into it's cargo to use, and allow it limited cargo space, maybe 20tons max, or 10, depending on how to balance it out.
maybe 20tons max, or 10, depending on how to balance it out.
Such ships called sidewinders.
Imagine mining in wing: one sidewinder with blasters and prospectors, another is collector with refinery (it drops refined containers), large cutter collects the containers and drops limpets for others to use as prospectors and collectors...
This is already possible, no need to wait for something.
I think you really missed the point here. I would like a ship to be able to CARRY the small ship. You cannot carry a sidewinder. What I'm asking for does not exist in the game yet, and nothing really close to it does. I'd really like to be able to do it while not in a wing also.
I like the Python for mining Void Opal. It was nimble and such. I think for Larger ships If it setup Mulicrew I would be fine with Fighters for Abrasive blaster. But having NPC crew it could be an issue flying around trying to hit the target or even trying to go around in the large ship. If they get stuck BOOM, you lose either your SLF or ship.
Aside from modelling and stuff, it wouldn't be hard to implement mining fighters any more than any other fighter. Just give it a seismic charge/displacement missile/abrasion blaster.
It'd make multicrew mining way more fun for the turret people
I would really like to see various mining fighters too. Or prospector fighters that fly around the nearby asteroids and find your next core asteroid and mark it for you so you can skip to the next. They could attach temporarily to asteroids instead of firing limpets and take core samples to tell which is a good lode.

It would be more fun for multi crew to make it an operation instead of all limpets work.

Also, it would be great if they could let the ship owners pay the multi crew higher percentages for playing with them as incentive for playing in groups.

Edit: this could also allow for more cargo space, because you could have player or npc fighters prospecting/mining/gathering which I think would be an enjoyable play experience for groups of friends -- instead of 2+ collector modules and 1 prospector module
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Been suggested many times before.

SLFs with the ability to determine the composition of rocks. Or giving them mining lasers. While the mothership fires off the collectors to collect stuff.

Could possibly be the best multicrew feature ED has.
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