Powerplay Merits not handed in by week end

I know this info is available somewhere, but I can't find it. So I apologise in advance for asking a dumb question, but what happens to merits that you don't hand in by powerplay week end?

Do you keep them to hand in the following week? Or do you lose them entirely? Or are they halved?

Many thanks for anyone taking the trouble to reply.
If you mean merit claims from undermining, they are lost when PP ticks over to the next cycle if they are not handed in. Likewise, Power commodities become worthless if they were claimed in the previous cycle, and then stored in cargo when the week ended.

I know this as I lost 1000 merits when the first cycle ticked over a day before I was expecting!
The Transaction Tab shows a Voucher for that cycle. You must submit the voucher before the end of the cycle to convert it into actual Merits that are credited to your Commander.

The Galnet Feed has an alert message that is posted about 12 hours before Cycle change as a reminder to Commanders to redeem their vouchers.
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