Max inf++ Per Session and 'Diminishing Returns'.

I was just wondering about the inf+ process.

If, for instance, I work a system and do 20 inf+ points in missions for a controlling faction in order to give them a boost. Is there a 'cut off' point whereby the maximum number of beneficial inf points is reached? There seems to be a general opinion that 15 inf points is the max and anything over that is wasted effort. I wondered if that was the case?

So the other thought I had as a follow up to the above was that if 10 pilots all work a system and do 15 inf each, does the BGS recognise that it's 10 lots of 15 inf and apportion it accordingly?
There is diminishing returns per activity if I recall, so even if you max out one activity like BH you can help via others (like deliver data)- plus you can accidentally mess up the other factions as well (to take away INF).
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