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Mapping service. Universal Cartographic is a major galactic organization right? It is unlikely that its representatives will open one of their offices on your fleet carrier. It would be more plausible to install a data storage module, data center, server Bay, or the like on the FC. The researcher will be able to upload their data about the galaxy and systems there and then, upon arrival at the station, transmit the data to Universal Cartographic. On FC, data will be stored even if the player dies. That is, in fact, all the same, only more reasonable and logical.
It's the same as Interstellar Factors, Kill-Warrant Scanning or the Redemption Office.

You're using a realtime Online Service and pay for this Service that's indeed provided by an Operator in this case. You even see the face in the Carrier Management.
The current implementation works and here's some easy headcanon for it:

We can't send the data to UC straight from our ships.


Let's presume the issue is one of bandwidth.

For some reason, sending data on our ships' FTL band is slow. Slower than your current broadband. It's okay for short text and telepresence commands (similar traffic to online games in the present day), but the BIG data our ships collect on newly-discovered is many PETAbytes in size, so sending it via the same limited FTL comms tech we have in our ships would take more than a human lifetime. So the normal method of delivering it is by sneakernet. Our ship is the car with a back-seat full of hard drives that beats the broadband upload to the destination. But by decades.

(I know some are unhappy about our ships being able to communicate long distance at all, but it's there, the precedent is set, it makes sense from a design perspective, and our ships are already breaking any number of physical laws anyway).

By adding a UC service to your carrier, you're adding a Universal Cartographics data centre with a vast communications array that can verify the exploration data and beam it back much, much faster than your ship's communications equipment. But it's a system that needs a UC employee to sign off the verification and operate the transmitter. It's too big to fit in your ship. Maybe it still takes weeks or months to send, but it doesn't matter cos you've got a UC bureaucrat on board saying "yeah, this is good data, we'll buy this" and approving/paying for it right away, as opposed to waiting for it to reach UC home servers.
I am installing unicar & redemption office in my fleet carrier right off the bat. I want mine to be useful to clan & visitors. I'm having everything minus the black market which is useless to me.
I read interesting idea in "Eagle Rift" book.
Ships contain modules which operate like mail box. Once ship docked to station (or close radio-range), all interstellar data is uploaded there automatically (operated by company like UC). Company charges sender and pay share to captain. Then ship is going somewhere else, and messages tossed until it gets delivered to proper system.

Would be cool to have such system in game, including chats :) Base idea - only FTL ships can deliver any of your data.
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