Making Trees?!

Sorry to double post, but I've been working on some trees. The problem I have is although it's "working" in the game, because flat planes are backface culled my leaves disappear at certain angles. What could I possibly do to make the planes work in game?

This is my hilarious test tree, no fancy effects applied yet:

Hi hrwait :)

ooh, people are gonna like that!

It's not too complicated, but a bit of a hassle. Basically, what you do is, instead of a one-sided plane, take a box, make it almost flat (delete the uneccessary sides, saves you 8 tris on each leaf alpha) and flip(mirror horizontally) the UV map on the "backside", so it matches up with the front. And then it should match up and also should be visible from both sides. It's basically like a manual backface cull. I hope i didn't explain it too weirdly.

Looking forward to you finishing it :)

Edit: important, group them all into one poly object afterwards, the leafs that is.
np, you're very welcome! :cool:

If you know your way around in 3D modeling, you could also shortcut by copying each plane by pulling it backwards on its local axis, then flip the normals.
afterwards, merge them by adding them to your poly object.

Though, keep in mind, it's probably much easier to just do one new double sided plane as explained
in my other post as then you only have to remap the UV orientation once, and then you just need to copy them into place afterwards.
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