Horizons Making 3M credit

Great thanks.

I'm not in the Game at the moment.

When I do go online I'll PM you in game.

I'm assuming I need to be in open play?? (In open play please don't kill me I have no money or cargo :) I'm just a port trader!!)

You don't have to be in open if you make a private group eith 777driver :)

Will PM when I'm next online. I assumed I need to be in open play for this to work? Let hope no one wll kill me in open play I'm just a poor trader..

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Thanks for thius.
if you are close to bancrupcy (dont forget you do have an overdraft which should cover ships like the cobra) you could stow your cobra and go do some kill stealing an an RES site in an eagle or even a sidewinder.

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JUst got the message. Thanks for the tip
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