Looking for a bit of scheduled PVP - ideas?

Hi, quick question.

When I sit down to play in a couple of days, I would like to taste some pvp - engage some people and very likely get shredded each time in the process.

I'm very well aware that my ship of choice for pve (reverski long range rail Krait w/ SLF) may not be welcome in pvp, e.g. I expect reverski is frowned upon in the dogfighting meta. I'm also aware that I will likely have my backside wrapped and handed to me in every fight. My bank is ready for the rebuys.
Still, I'd like to see how that goes, for the heck of it.

What method of finding an opponent would you suggest?
Some Discord server? System chat? Some specific location?

I'd prefer that they are aware and OK with the ship and tactics they're going to face - I don't really intend to peace anyone off, that's not my definition of fun.

PS. "just play open and you'll get pvped eventually" doesn't work for me for reasons I don't want to bore you with ;) . Preferably I'd like to just schedule a fight with someone, get Wrecked a few times and part ways ;)
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