In-Development Location pinned news and player signals - need feedback

Hello. I have an idea for an extremely immersive plugin. But I need some feedback before I start scripting.

It's a location-based system of messages, which would be read ingame by Eddi/Voiceattack or something like that. I see 3 categories here:
1. Roleplay news written by creative contributors, like Lave Radio, maybe squadrons about stuff happening in their systems etc.
2. Player messages/distress calls written by players in game (very short).
3. Static notes for visitors of the system.

How I see it?
You jump into system A. Your computer says "new signals received". You tell it to read it. Every signal has an author, date and system where it comes from, so you hear something like: "Cmdr XYZ in system ABC, 30ly away, 1 minute ago" and the message:

1. News for a location or you subscribed news source.
Eg.: "The war between A and B has already taken 15 thousand lives. The biggest clash happened by planet A1. [Some brief description of the battle]."
Eg.: "Democrats of A have won the election in the B System, gaining over x% of places in the parliament... [some made up political powers analysis]."

2. Signals from players from some radius, let's say 50ly. Short, like a Tweet.
Eg.: "This is a distress call: I've been attacked by an Anaconda in x system. Managed to escape, but it's following me. Need help"
Eg.: "This is a distress call: I'm near planet X and I'm out of fuel. Can someone please help?"
Eg.: "Thargoid vessels spotted in X system. Watch out, commanders"
Eg.: "Gankers in B system, avoid if you don't want troubles. Fly safe"

3. Static signals, kind of like beacon. Stays in a system for a few days, can be refreshed.
Eg.: "Hello Cmdr, welcome to B System. The system is under protection of Y Squadron. If you are looking for repairs, head for A station. Best choice of modules can be found on B station. Fly safe and don't cause any troubles."
(in some unpopulated system far from the bouble) Eg.: "Hello Explorer. There is an asteroid station nearby, in system Z."
(in some unpopulated system far from the bouble) Eg.: "Hello Explorer. There is a Thargoid barnacle on planet Y, and [some other interesting stuff] on planet B."

Now, assuming a perfect scenario: no trolls, comfortable ingame interface, lots of news from contributors, no spam, lots of config - does this vision sound good?

1. Would you use it?
2. Is there a similiar tool already? To be honest, this solution sounds so natural for the game and is so easy to implement, that it's hard to believe it hasn't been created yet.

I'm also considering some system of up/down voting signals, which would extend its range and time before disappearing. And subscription system for the news sources, so that you can mute those which you don't like.
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