ANNOUNCEMENT Livestream Update 08/20

o7 I Stream Elite Dangerous every day around 8 or 9am cst (1pm utc) till about 2pm (7pm utc). Im either fighting thargoids, mining or exploring.

Lately I've been working on a thargoid base neural network 3d map with blender. When completed the map will show leviathan counts of each base, along with where they're pointing. With the help and talent of cmdrShadowlight and the python script he wrote, the blender map can also trilaterate and draw spheres after plugging in the source system and its corresponding highs and lows.

Currently my content has been thargoid base reconnaissance to grab those leviathan screenshots for the 3d map along with a thargoid fight here and there.

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Greetings, CMDRs!

I produce a weekly Elite Dangerous web series called "Out There" on my YouTube Channel which chronicles my exploration of deep space aboard the starship Nightwish. New episodes are released every Saturday at 1800 UTC and typically run about 2-3 minutes in length. I've been told that they make for a relaxing end to hectic weeks. o7!

My Channel:

I am thinking of twitch steaming a new CMDR from the start, I have reasonable experience in the game having played from P-Beta, and everyone I see streaming is either a billionare or has no idea how to play the game ... I found a Niche! (now my idea will be stolen by Mobius again! ... you know what you did .. :D ) The problem is I know nothing about twitch! I have looked into it a bit, but one thing I can't find is, Is it ok to keep the ingame music on? also any other tips for streaming would be welcome.
Hello CMDRs! I'm CrispyTaytortot. I'm an Elite Dangerous content creator on Twitch. I generally focus on positivity, humor, community involvement, and helping new commanders learn the ropes. Occasionally I host special events such as "Ask An Expert" where I have a PhD in Astrophysics come on stream to answer the community's questions. I also occasionally host charity streams to raise awareness and funding for important issues like mental health. You can find me on Twitch Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 23:00 UTC and on Saturdays at 20:00 UTC. I hope you'll stop by and have some fun with us!

Spud Club Discord
Greeting CMDR's. I have been streaming Elite: Dangerous since 2018, mainly focusing on exploration.
I am currently taking part in The Great Raxxla Potato Hunt with other CMDRs, visiting and scanning every system within 200ly of Sol, to prove or disprove Raxxla's/The Dark Wheel's original station location in that area.
I am also an amateur astronomer and we regularly get into discussions regarding that as well.

I stream on Twitch, primarily Elite Dangerous, but have no set schedule as I am a shift worker, but I usually stream 3-4 days a week from around noon UTC when I'm not working/sleeping.

Twitch - Slegnor's Random Gaming

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Greetings Commanders!

I'm Captain James Flint. Flintlock Engineering was founded on YouTube just over a year ago, and I've now shifted gears to streaming on Twitch, and am loving it! I stream Elite every Monday and Wednesday at 2pm EST (7pm UTC), and maintain a positive and welcoming community, while providing engineering info and guidance to help each CMDR determine exactly what options best suit them, to help in forging their unique path!

I've been streaming for almost a couple of years now, on an admittedly light schedule because of real life but I try to stream on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons at the moment, with extras thrown in if I have the time and energy (I'm an introvert so it can be hard sometimes). It's not always Elite but I try to keep Elite as a good part of the line up.

Here's my channel.
HI I'm Darthvapes. I've been live streaming since 2014. I am an Ex-mixer partner now streaming on twitch. I only started playing Elite Dangerous in January after a few of my community members begged my to try it. I fell in love with the game in less then a week and have not touched anything else since. I now stream Elite full time Monday to Friday staring at 5 am MST for at least 10 hours.

Much Love and Chill Vibes o7
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