Lighting Issues?

I can't seem to fix this issue where half of my object is in dark, even when facing the light. The back side is lit properly. I thought it might be normalizing faces again but it's not.

Also, make sure the rotation is applied (to all LODs and the armature, if you have one), as that can cause Planet Coaster to interpret the lighting as coming from the wrong direction otherwise.

If you're working in Blender, select the object and check its rotation in the right-hand panel (press N if you don't see the panel). If any of the values say anything except 0 degrees, apply the rotation by going to Object -> Apply -> Rotation. (It doesn't hurt to just use Object -> Apply -> Rotation & Scale, since it can cause sizing problems if the scale is off too.)
Hi, with the later versions of blender you need to make sure your exporting with the right Y and Z directions as the light will get rendered from the wrong directions if you follow Y forward Z up as per the notes on the TMTK website.
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