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Not much of fighter, but I figured I might have some fun with the bounties during the CG. If I happen to end up on the re-buy screen, where will the new ship arrive? Will it be at AE even though there is no shipyard? I am willing to run through a ship or two if it only costs me the insurance, but I do not want to come back all the way from Colonia.
You *should* turn up at Explorer's Anchorage, or Grim Pioneer (5 LY away) if you had a bounty.

But with the current server struggle I wouldn't wonder if you wind up at Raxxla :D
Yep, shipyard is not necessary for resurrection. After landing at any port that port should be where you turn up after destruction.
It is always the nearest station where you have at least a friendly standing with the controlling faction where you respawn.
• When a ship is destroyed where it is not wanted it will respawn at a starport owned by the jurisdiction’s controlling faction.
o If there are no appropriate starports, it will respawn at the last port it was last docked at.
• When a ship is destroyed where it is not wanted but hostile to the jurisdiction’s controlling faction, it will be deported and respawn at the nearest Detention Centre.

Complicated, but this is the way the system works for good guys now, right?
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