Even though a lot of time has passed, I want to tell you more about my journey.

Herewith I also want to completely rework the June 3305, therefore it could become a little longer now.

Currently I couldn't feel very comfortable with my PHILLIP FRANZ from SIEBOLD, still scanned in irregular intervals for unauthorized radio signals and searched the ship again and again manually.

Finally I crawled under the bridge and rummaged through the maintenance channels under the three seats.

You have to squeeze your way through these two narrow hatches, not for big people.

I noticed at the end that I was slowly threatening to get into a paranoia when I thought of chasing all the pots, plates, bowls, even the cutlery through the scanner one by one...

Here was the end, I'm tired of the fear, I decided to stop, because I can trust my PHILLIP FRANZ from SIEBOLD, the ship is NOT to blame.

By the way, I had to find out via Whitchspace-Funk that my previous picture host UPLOADIX will stop its services on 09.09.3305 and all photos hosted so far will be deleted there. Unfortunately, it is hardly possible for me to exchange all the pictures posted so far, so my previous reports and entries will look a bit empty soon...
I looked around and decided to switch to ABLOAD.DE.
Hopefully it will work better in the long run.

Point, the journey continues. And I have stopped searching for something that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, does not exist.

With the system STRIECHAEA YK-V D3-1 I could once again present myself as Lord of the Shards.

The main star had a gas giant with water-based life, and that's why:

It was already clear after the SCAN and a look into the map that the biosignals at B 8 C can only be broken pieces, but I had to look anyway.

So I flew there, did the DOS scan and ended up on a BIO site.

You could already see what was waiting for me on the approach.

And there was only TELLURE to get here.

I didn't stay long and jumped on.

The SystemEUPAILD HH-K D9-0 had a surprise, which is not visible at first sight.

This ammonia world is really well hidden in the system card...

STRIECHAEA SU-S C6-0 had beside the K-star only one gas giant with water-based life, which was mapped of course.

(I only use the Thumpnails for the pure system view, let me know if you don't like it.)

Another water world came under my scanner in the system STRIECHAEA VE-X D2-0.


In the system EUPAILD FG-V D3-0 I found a lonely gas giant class I, which is beautiful to look at.

EUPAILD G-V E2-0 could become a dangerous system if you jump in the wrong direction.
Here the view directly after the jump.

And a little further below...

Luckily, I came out with a cool head.

EUPAILD JC-K D9-1 had as a special feature a terraformable moon of a HMC to offer.

Here's the moon.

But the larger HMC at the end of the system was the nicest one to look at.

It's a real shame it's not habitable.

Another WW was found in the EUPAILD MI-I D10-1 system.
[/url=https://abload.de/image.php?img=eupaildmi-id10-126.069ik1f.jpg] [/eupaildmi-idg.jpg][/img][/img][/img][/eupaildmi-idg

Here at close range.

I could also avoid a hot reception in the BLOOE PRAO GC-U C19-0 system, but look what I found there right after the jump.

Systems with individual gas giants seem to occur more often after all. Here again one with a gas giant with water-based life.


FACHOA EO-T C6-0 could be noted as another flame of the EO-T.

Here only this planet in big.

FACHOAE IS-E C14-1 only confirmed my title "LORD OF THE CROSS" again.

FACHOAE SY-K B14-0 offered as the only special feature a gas giant with ammonia-based life, which was naturally mapped.

At FACHOAE TE-X D2-2 I found two HMC and one WW in three constellations. All three are terraformable and mapped.

From here I spontaneously, following an intuition, deviated from my route to EAST to head for the VIATORI PATUIT region.
I can't explain why, it just pulled me there, maybe I will find what I'm not looking for?

In FACHOA UP-V D3-3 I found a gas giant class V very close to its star.

Here from the proximity, to clarify I have times the orbital lines partially switched on.

In the system FACHOA UQ-Q C7-0 I found this beautiful terraformable WW together with a HMC, unfortunately not terraformable.

No less than three terraformable HMCs were found in joint orbit around their two stars at FACHOA UZ-W D2-1


Only the system card this time.

Likewise only the system card of the system GREOU PRAO RL-J D10-19, where I found a WW with ammonia atmosphere and a gas giant with ammonia-based life.

A WW and an ammonia world were found in the system GRIE PRAO BR-B C8-1.


In the system GRIE PRAO FW-T D4-31 again I found a terraformable HMC and a WW with carbon dioxide atmosphere.


And the WW

It was difficult to separate myself from the PLAE BROAE JW-N C6-0 system, where I found a WW with four moons and a ring.

Of course I couldn't take enough pictures...

I found a terraformable HMC with lake in the system PLAE BROAE MM-W D1-3.

Here you can see the lake well.

I found 5 lonely stars, two A-, two K- and one M-star each in the system PLAE BROAE TD-T D3-0.

Again a WW I found in the system PLUA CHROA UP-Z D13-1 UP-Z

I found 5 terraformable HMC and one WW in the system PLUA CHROA YA-W C15-0.

I found a terrestrial water world with ice moon at PLUA CHROA ZQ-R B45-0.

The two celestial bodies at close range:

Two terraformable HMC and two WW each were found in the PRIE CHROA MX-L D7-3 system.

This concludes the report for June 3305.

Fly Safe

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Now it should go on with the July 3305.

I'll start with my current route and my position in the galaxy.

As you can clearly see, I am in the northeastern part of the galaxy, in the outer part of VIATORI PATUIT.

Or in other words in the sector MARE SOMNIA, as you can see here in the Galmap.

After suddenly following an intuition and turning sharp left, I came across the SAGITTARIUS-CARINA ARM into this region.

From there, I'm just doing a rough southward search right now.

This is the section of track, which at the bottom of the picture shows to the left.

And this is the last section at the end of the route.

Here you can see quite well how far I have already come.

Below on the right is Beaglepoint, below on the left I am straight, in the middle ahead is SAG A*, COLONIA and the BUBBLE, behind it the Outer Arm Vacuus.

The galaxy, with my position and the route of the DW2

And here you can see how extremely distributed many Cmdr are still.

Of course I also explored some interesting systems again, like PLAE BROAE BZ-S D3-0, where I found four terraformable planets, three of them in orbit around each other. It would certainly be very interesting to live there. But I only show the system map.

With PLAE BROAE TX-L C7-0 I found a larger system with four terraformable planets, as well as one gas giant each, with ammonia and water-based life. Also here I have unfortunately only the system map for you.

This planet in the system PLAE BROAE BZ-S D3-0 is my second landable planet, which is also terraformable since I went to the DW2.

This is where I just had to land and look around.

And, of course, leave a few traces.

The system SUVOO OR-N D6-2 could have been potentially dangerous, as you can see here, so it looked right after leaving the jump.

In addition also a panorama.

The system map, by the way Cmdr SHADOWNUAR was here before me, but only explored the star.

And three of the planets, which I mapped.

Also already explored I found the system PLOOE CHRUIA VJ-R D4-2 by Cmdr FLIRBLE RASOK, the beautiful planets I found weren't mapped yet, I've taken over that now.

Not yet explored was SUVOO SX-L D7-2, where I found a hell world and a ringed WW worth photographing.

With SUVOO VM-W D1-3 I found a system whose card could not be captured in a picture. It is simply too long.

There were also some bio-signals, and what can I say, I am the "LORD OF THE CUTTINGS" after all.

PLOOE CHRUIA UX-L D7-0 has already been explored by Cmdr SNAILMAN, who also mapped the three most interesting planets here.

He has kindly omitted the mapping in the system PLOOE CHRUIA WD-K D8-14, completely incomprehensible for me, there is here a HMC with rocky moon, both terraformable. In addition a water world with ammonia atmosphere.

And then there is a really wonderful ammonia world with three moons.

Again I met Cmdr SNAILMAN in the system PLOOE CHRUIA XD-K D8-1, but he only explored the main star and the first planets, the rest was still undiscovered. Among them two gas giants with ammonia-based life and a water world with moon.

The same situation in the system PLOOE CHRUIA PW-N D6-0, only this time there were two terraformable planets and one WW.

It was refreshingly different in the not yet explored system, PLOOE CHRUIA QH-M D7-0, where I found a terraformable moon, a terraformable HMC, an ammonia world and a gas giant with ammonia-based life.

Planet and terraformable moon:

The terraformable planet:

The ammonia world:

And the gas giant:

Now I have to decide where to go.
Fly Safe
Just now I discovered a remarkable system, which I wanted to report about right away.
It is the system PLOOE CHRUIA RH-M D7-0, where nobody has been before me.

It is not the number of gas giants that fascinates me, nor are there any gas giants with life.

Also the water world at Gasriese No. 3 is not the reason despite its beauty.

Here you can see them between gas giant and wrestling.

The HMC at the second star was also mapped, despite the high distance of over 118,000 LS.

No, the most important find for me is the gas giant No.3, which is class III and has THREE rings.
One rich in ores and two rocky rings.

I can't remember a triple ring like this ever getting into my mind. Is there such a thing more often, or maybe even more rings around a planet?

When approaching the gas giants, note also the orbit of the WW, which is just behind gas giants and rings.

All three rings had to be mapped here, here the inner ring is almost finished.

The middle ring.

And the outer ring, here I had to start several attempts, until I met, it lies just quite far away from the planet.

Here are the data from EDSM:

And some snapshots of the gas giant himself.

Fly Safe

The system PLAE CHROA PI-T D3-0, coordinates 29624.46875 / 139.46875 / 47897.03125.
51 Celestial bodies.


These include an A star class A9 VI, a K star K9 Va, another K star K3 Va, and two M stars, M2 Va and M3 Va each.
There are three gas giants with water-based life, spread across the huge system, which again doesn't fit on one screen.
And a water giant with a beautiful icy ring.

A few short pictures of the first two gas giants and of the water giant.

But the crux is the moon B 2 A where I found 7 bio-signals.

It is a metal-rich celestial body with a radius of 204 KM, a surface temperature of 1,055 K and 0.05 G gravity.
It is 100% metal and has Major Silicate Vapor Geysers.
Materials include: iron, nickel, manganese, tin, vanadium, cadmium, molybdenum and tellurium.

So of course I flew there, expecting to find crystal shards there again, but the small distance of only 625 LS to the entry point actually spoke against it...

So I mapped.

And he started to land on a bio-signal on the sunny side.

Arriving there, I had this view.

Okay, that's my ship, laugh, no in the other direction it was really interesting.

These were AMPHORE PLANTS, first reported in the sector by Cmdr AXP on 05.01.3305. I could confirm them now, as you can see here.

Now I looked around thoroughly.

To be on the safe side, I flew to more than half of all 7 organic sites, but found the same plants everywhere.

It should still be noted that the system is quite far at the outer edge of VIATORI PATUIT of the MARE SOMNIA.

I've really done enough research and found it today. And I wonder if that was what pulled me out of this...
It went back on board my PHILIPP FRANZ from SIEBOLD.

And I started and left the moon.

Fly Safe
I should call the 07.07.3305 day of the moons, because I found three systems with terraformable moon on that day.

The system PLAE CHROA EC-M D7-0 had about one gas giant each with water- and ammonia-based life, three terraformable HMC and the Stone Moon.

Almost everything was already explored by Cmdr SNAILMAN, but he skipped some moons. I only mapped the gas giants and HMC.

Oh, and because I practically came by there, this one else:

Also at PLAE CHROA TJ-R D4-0 I found such a moon, in addition a terraformable WW. Also here Cmdr SNAILMANN was ahead of me.

Similar to the PLAE CHROA TJ-R D4-1 system, but Cmdr SNAILMANN had only researched the star here.

Quite different in the system PLAE CHROA ZA-O D6-0, where only a lonely gas giant class I was to be found along with A- and F-stars, I nevertheless took the trouble to map it.

So this day came to an end quite successfully, I found.

The next day I was curious to see what else there was to find, and I also found something interesting in the system

PHLAUDGIAE PC-D D12-4, here I found; probably as the first; a gas giant with water-based life and a beautiful ammonia world with rings.

This is the gas giant:

And the ammonia world:

Then I could hardly believe my luck, as I found the third terraformable world of this journey on which one could land.

It was the PLAE CHROA ZE-A D1 system, where an A star orbited two terraformable HMCs and a gas giant with water-based life around it.

Here the first HMC

This is the landable

And the gas giant

Of course I landed again and looked around, there was also iron magma here.

With 1,674 earth masses, 7.080 KM radius and a gravity of 1.36 G no small chunk.

Fly Safe

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