It's been a while since I've written a travelogue.
Unfortunately, I just didn't get the chance to do it, last but not least a week was spent at EXPLORERS ANCHORAGE to finish the CG.

Unfortunately, I only reached a place in the top 25%, because I simply didn't have the opportunity to deal more intensively with the MIning.
A full load per day was just so possible for me.

Here still with the Mining:

By the way, you can only find the asteroids with inclusions with the probes, of course it is a crazy search work...

The rings here were very transparent, but there were still a lot of boulders...

I missed the start of the next stage just as I will not be able to take part in tomorrow's mass jump.
Sunday evening is just difficult, well, I already knew that before. Sometimes it just works, then again not...

And also this week it was not easy for me to deal with the current stage, at the moment I am still on my way and just on the jump towards DARK EYE NEBULA.

On the way I found different systems worth scanning and mapping... DAS of course stops additionally, but I am a researcher.:sm33:

The system EOK BLUAE HV-Q C7-2325:

All I have here are pictures of the first planet and the WW.

In the system JUENAE FV-Z C15-4766 I found a gas giant with ammonia-based life and an ammonia world.

At JUENAE OP-T C5-882 I found this ice world with the remarkable rings.
Here I am still mapping.

The JUENAE ZA-L C9-24 system had an Earth-like world, three more HMC TF planets and a gas giant with water-based life.

In PHUA AUB UF-B C28-6232 there was a beautiful world of ammonia.

I noticed this hell planet with filigree rings in the system PHUA AUB YZ-G D10-5554.

A stopover with landing was made in the PHIPOEA DR-J C23-2151 system.

The milestones:

HENGIST Nebula seen from the systyem JUENAE AA-Q D5-3239:

The black hole at GRS 1739-278:

On the way in the stage I saw from the system EOK BLUAE GX-K D8-1521 the KARKINA fog:

I was disappointed by G2 DUST CLOUD SECTOR JH-V C2-2851, the next finish on the stage.

It is hardly possible to discover the cloud, only in the Galmap I could see it halfway after having hidden all the stars.

In this picture you should see them, but...

The system DRYAU CHREA DB-F D11-3866 or STEARWAY TO HEAVEN, I only took a short picture of the system card...

Now I still have to announce that with the jump from the system JUENAE AH-R C6-1772 to JUENAE HI-P C7-1231 I exceeded the NÖRDLICHSTER PUNKT, which I had ever reached. It was previously in the SLUEMOA TJ-Z E4 system with coordinates 167.1 / -2867.5 /26128.8

The system; with which I went beyond the previous point; has the coordinates 386.1875 / -566.125 / 26145.09375 and has 14 celestial bodies, in addition it is a system in which one can collect all Jumponium materials.
Unfortunately I didn't pay attention at that time, so I didn't take any pictures of that moment.

Now it's going further and further north and therefore my northern record system is shifting with every jump.
I don't know if the east will be cracked yet, but there is still a lot of potential here, also in the west, below and above...

Fly Safe

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It's been a long time since I've reported anything here.
Unfortunately this also leads to the fact that I have slight difficulties to assign the pictures correctly.8o

There was just too much to do in the RL and well, you know that... You hardly get the chance to sit down and type something here, especially if you don't just want to clap the pictures.

Before I try to work through my final stages of the journey, something else I noticed in the @Envisitor [EoT] travel report last night.
It's about the last picture in entry #16 on page 1.

Here is my text, which I wrote there:
Somehow I almost recognize a head in the profile on the last picture of the ruin.

None human of course, below right the mouth or mouth with teeth above a strange looking data goggle and left the thick circular structure is a headphone.

The somewhat frizzy looking structure at the top and left of the headphones could be hair.

Does anyone else see that?

I just slept it off; looked at it again and still see it...

Back to my journey, I have two stages to work through and massive memory problems, which system belongs where...:sm12:

I will work my way through by means of EDSM after the date...

The 24.03.3305:

The system RHUEDGIE KN-T E3-721 or Breakthroug Echoes on the coordinates 2589.5 / 1786.78125 / 31714.21875.

SWOALS DA-A F15 at coordinates 2451.125 / 2839.78125 / 32348.71875, here there was a black hole to admire.


In the system LYAISUA DW-L D8-451 on the coordinates -394.03125 / 747.03125 / 31658.1875 I also found an open air world in the system with NS.

LYAISUA GR-V E2-1071 at coordinates -639.96875 / 801.40625 / 31541.0625.
Here, in addition to two stars, a gas giant with water-based life was found.

I had a hot shock moment in the system LYAISUA LC-K D9-4600, coordinates where I came out between the two stars and luckily escaped without heat damage.

Fortunately, the third star, standing a little apart, was not in the way.


A repair of the FSD was necessary in the system HYPOE BLUAE CB-S B22-9, because I was confused with dropouts after several NS boosts.

Arrived in the system LYAISUA SJ-Z E7708, the fog could be admired.

With the system PHROI BLUAE ON-S D4-1080 I could add more TF planets and a WW to my collection.

Amazing that the floor of my ship is still so clean...

System PHROI BLUAE KX-K d8-1991, admired from the outside I still like the planetary nebulae the most.


PHROI BLUAE QI-T E3-2451, NS and fog.

PHROI BLUAE QI-T E3-3454, in the fog.

30.03.3305 - The system EUDAITLS CB-N D7-158 is once again an example of why you fly so far out.

A ringed TF-HMC, two gas giants with water-based life, a ringed WW and a terrestrial ammonia world.

The system EUDAITLS IR-W F1-1, where I only show the system card, it is a B-star system.

A rather rare find I could make in the system THEARO DW-V E2-0, a WW in a system with B-star.

In fact, I was pretty far below the last finish of the stage here, and found a lot of systems, which almost took me too long. So I didn't come back in time to participate in the next mass jump.

In the system THEARO YE-A G2 I admired the protuberances of a star.

EUDAITLS GG-Y F69 had besides several T-Tauri two B- and one HERBIG-Ae/Be star.

And I was still looking at this infernal world where I'd still like to land.

The EUDAITLS KX-T E3-469 system, my only B-star system down here where there were biological signatures, deserves special mention.

The bioluminescent roseum anemone was found at the two biological spots.

I'm just bringing the ship back here to fly to the second location.

It was a little brighter there.

In contrast to the first finding place.

The system EUDAITLS SJ-P offered besides a TF-HMC also a TF-WW with rings.

Approach and overflight of the WW

And this is where I'm mapping them now.

Also in the system EUDAITLS SZ-N D7-469 there were three WW, of which I only took pictures of two.

In the THEARO YK-V D3-3 system there was one TF candidate and two planets that looked very WW, but were none.

The system THEARO AV-Y F5 still had to be visited, because there was a HERBIG Ae/Be star as the central star, the other three T-Tauri stars are welcome accessories.

Last but not least the system THEARO AQ-X E1-2, where I finished the ascent, I didn't get to the last waypoint in time anyway, and continued the journey from there.

On Sunday evening after the mass jump, in which I couldn't take part anymore; I won't be able to do that tomorrow evening either; on the map you could see quite a lot of CMDR with different progress on the track.

This ends the report for March 3305, the next days I will report in the next post.
Fly Safe
After I did a lot of other things, now the next info I collected at the beginning of April 3305.
This time I didn't spend much time between the waypoints, or took a lot of pictures.
Hypuae Briae BV-Y e3851 (The Briar Patch Nebula) at coordinates 449.3125 / 521.09375 / 34970.09375.

I only took one picture here.

HYPUAE BRIAE LC-U E3-152, THE ZINNIA HAZE, coordinates 1126.40625 / 1082.03125 / 35493.9375.

In the HYPUAE BRIAE VU-K C10-608 system there was one TF-HMC, and two WW, including one TF.
Images are only available from the system card.

HYUQEAE MT-Q E5-4335, HYDRANGEA NEBULA, coordinates 1602.375 / -154.15625 / 35859.28125.

With this nebula, it looks like there's a hole in the planetary nebula.

And the HYUQO HN-E B4-3 system, where I found and mapped a gas giant with ammonia-based life.

Then it started, the last two waypoints simply could not be aimed directly...

The reason for this are the numerous closed sectors with the identification BLEIA 1 to 5 in the region.

To get to the penultimate waypoint

Neighbouring Necklaces - GalMap Ref: Vegnoae BK-R d4-1105
I had to go higher and at the end I had to steer almost vertically down to the WP.

Similar problems currently arise at the last waypoint,

★ Morphenniel Nebula - GalMap Ref: Bleethuae NI-B D674
to reach out to you. I have not yet found a practicable way, but it is my turn to...

Now the system VEGNOAE BK-R D4-1105, NEIGHBOURING NECKLACES, coordinates -547.875 / 62.8125 / 36493.65625.

A truly majestic sight.

And now I have to make the last jumps of the last stage without getting tangled up in the closed sectors...
Fly Safe
In the meantime I have made the really difficult way to the last waypoint of the stage.

I mean, look at it.

These loops to the top and bottom are only due to the search for a route through the blocked sectors.

Only the ball at the end has to do with the fact that I was still jumping around in thePHRAA BYOE AA-A H14 fog.

Of course I have also seen a few beauties, like this ice world with the fog as background.

In the target system BLEETHUAE NI-B D674 I once landed at the meeting point, but nobody was there...

I found a really interesting find in the VEGNOAE NC-V E2-13 system, where a stone planet that can be terraformed is found as a moon around a glowing HMC world.

And this also at the last position in the system. Surely this is due to the hot B-star.

Last but not least I searched for a planet to land in the fog, the choice fell on an ice world in the orbit of a Y-star.

Here just in the landing approach

What's the matter with you? Look at the panorama:

That should answer that, shouldn't it?

Fly Safe
Thanks to everyone who reads and comments here. Without you it wouldn't be half as much fun.:sm30:

Today the RL struck again, as so often, but rather the other way around, shortly after the registration deadline I found out that I could have participated tonight.

Well, it didn't work out then, that's the way it is.

Nevertheless I went to the meeting place and took some photos.

After I had logged out once in between to have dinner, and came back, another ship had cuddled under me.

Fortunately there were no problems with damages or worse, I could start my PHILIPP FRANCE FROM SIEBOLD without any problems.
And also the other Cmdr had no more problems.

Then I thought, if I can't take part in the mass jump, at least I'll see how all ships arrive in the target system.

(And record that, too).
But in the end I was probably in a completely wrong instance, because not a single signal appeared on my radar...

Too bad, but that's the way it is.
Now we are all on our way to the next destination and let's see what happens on the way.

Fly Safe

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Slightly delayed; the event already took place yesterday on 08.04.3305; I announce that I now have my Max. distance from the starting point.

The previous 36.892 LY were reached in the outer arm, and with the jump into the system BLEETHUAE NJ-X B18-0 were outbid.

The system is on my route, in the current stage of DW2, and is marked here by the circle.
I myself have already jumped a good bit further north.

The system is actually rather boring, so I scanned everything but didn't map it.

Amazingly, given the mass of Cmdr still flying on the DW2, I was apparently the first and only visitor to the system.

Well, not everyone uses EDSM, maybe there's a dark figure...

Fly Safe

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It's time for another report.

On 08.04.3305 we went into the next stage, here the distances are longer, but the time is also two weeks.

In the system PAE FLYI XG-Q B37-43 I found a WW at the second star.

All I've got here are pictures of the system card.

Then on 09.04.3305 I managed a good catch in the system PRAE FLYI GT-K C24-37, a WW and an EÄ are in the system.

Here's the EÄ.

And the WW.

On 11.04.3305 I found only an interesting system, in DRYIQAU IO-O b53-11 there was a WW with argon-rich atmosphere.

Then again a WW on 11.04.3305 in the system CYOAGAEA WP-R C7-51.

Folders were a must here, of course.

On a moon of a gas giant in the system PRU AUB DL-P E5-35 I made a small break, unfortunately I have no system card and also the reason for it somehow... forgotten.

On 12.04.3305 I could feel my way forward again, in the system BLAE FLYUAE VB-I B15-0 there were only two stars and a very big gas giant class III. Of course this was mapped as well.

Gestern, am 13.04.3305 ging es dann richtig ab.
Im System BLAE FLYUAE IS.W B20-0 fand ich zwei Planeten, welche man terraformieren kann, sowie ein WW.

Schon im Austritt aus dem Hyperraum war der Anblick super.







In System BLEIA FLYUAE ZU-N D7-54 begegnete ich diese WE mit großem Ringsystem. Leider ist es nicht so, dass der äußere Ring zu den Karten, hat Ihr eine Idee?


Näher gesagt, dass er nicht, weil er dann den Bereich verlässt, in dem er die Planeten oder Mappen, und infolgedessen die Sonden abschießen kann.

Mit FACHE EO-T A30-1 konnte ich gestern eine weitere Flamme des EOT vorbereiten, hoffentlich kann ich sie nach der Expedition auch entzünden.



Übrigens, ich habe das Y-Stern mit ausgewählter Sicht, ich mag einfach die Farbgebung in solchen Systemen.

GRIA FLYUAE EE-U C5-4 bot wieder zwei TF-Kanditaten und ein WW.








Eine weitere Flamme der EOT könnte nach der Expedition im System GRIA FLYUAE EO-T B9-1 scheinen, sofern es mir gelingt, die einsamen L-Stern zu entzünden.


I made a really first-class find in the GRIA FLYUAE HR-U C19-19 system, where there are three WWs orbiting each other.

The discovery was only possible because I flew a loop in front of it in order to control a flame of the EOT in this sector, otherwise I would have flown completely unsuspectingly past the system...

Here I am on my approach to the three WWs.

The WW individually or together:

And planet no. 1 was still terraformable.

EDSM also showed me that I was the first one here.

This lonely hell planet in the GRIA FLYUAE JL-E B31-3 system actually looked so egg-shaped, by the way, whether gravity is simulated in such a way that it stretches the planet?

By the way, I had a strange experience in the system, I took pictures of the planet, which is still within the range, where the FUELSCOOP is on.
Then I left the area, the Fuelscoop went out; I'm quite sure of that; and I started the FSD.
Despite flying away from the star and planet, the heat rose surprisingly quickly to over 100% before the jump was initiated.
I arrived at the next system sparking, with 112% heat.
Some modules were indeed slightly damaged afterwards, but the power plant and the hull remained fortunately intact.
Nothing that I couldn't repair at the next opportunity, but in itself it was a bit strange...

In the GRIA FLYUAE LS-Y B5-0 system there was actually only one gas giant with water-based life on interesting planets.
Of course I also mapped this one.

Then why did I fly the 195,384 LS to the first two planets at the L-star?
In the VSS scan the two moved so fast that I thought I'd have to take a look.

However, I could neither observe anything like this in orbit nor after landing.
Well, the landing supports of my ship were hovering above the ground again...

The system HATCHIO BU-M B35-0 was actually only noticeable to me because of the funny name, but there was no boom when I jumped into it.

And then the system HATCHIO EO-T C3-1, which I have chosen as the flame of the EOT. Successful inflammation assumed.

Here I was also rewarded with a particularly beautiful view. This moon circles so close to the ring of the gas giant A2.

Actually I wanted to make a panorama from the view on the moon, but unfortunately this did not work out.

That's it again for this report.
Fly Safe
I didn't document or photograph much about the last stage, they were actually all repetitions of something that had happened before.
And you don't always have to present every system down to the last detail... or do you?

No matter

After arriving at the last destination there was a small meeting which @Envisitor [EoT] suggested to take pictures for a film.
As usual; but not as hoped; there were problems with the instances again. Nevertheless, there was a lot of filming and laughing, as well as photography.

Then the question arose how I would spend the time until the departure to the next stage, apart from the fact that there should be a lot to experience in the RL.

I decided; starting from the system in which the recordings took place; to explore once again as much as possible star-shaped on systems.

This has resulted in quite a number of systems so far.

And I just experienced another small highlight in the system SMOOTOAE RY-S D3-79, coordinates 21.375 / 3.125 / 51791.125.
The system was not discovered by me first, but by Cmdr strechMilk for EDSM.
In addition there are several Cmdr, which visited the system in the last days.

It should also be pointed out that all jumponium components can be found here again.

The system at a glance:

This gas giant with ammonia-based life was naturally mapped.

But this moon stood out especially at the gas giant, a good 58,000 LS away.

This should be especially interesting for @Pilot Pirx and @Ja-Well, because I discovered BIOLOGICAL signals at this moon as the only source in the system.

Here I am already in the landing approach after mapping the two moons.

I then found crystal shards at all six biological sites. Unfortunately it was dark at all landing places.

The only site where I found geological activity was No. 6.

Here's the situation in the galaxy:

Maybe the find was already known, but I thought I'd report it quickly.

Fly Safe

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The last stage of DW2 is now officially open. Well, I'm a bit late, because of Easter leisure stress and so on...:D

In any case, I've now marked out the route, and then I've come the first three jumps far, before I thought I'd write something about it.

Other pilots are way ahead of me, but it's not about being the first one up there. Should be difficult anyway, because there were already a few other Cmdr in front of me.

Well, no matter, from now on it's all about:


A motto, that above all a few pilots around CHARLIE BROWN... uäh Moment, doesn't that have a different name?:/ AÄjhh HARRY POTTER wars I think...

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that it is still possible that someone is waiting for you up there just before the finish line.
Some of the people from the SPACE FORCE EXPEDITION 2 have made it to Beagle Point or just before.

So I continue to advise caution and keep an eye on space around you.

Fly Safe


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The first section of the last stage is finished, I have arrived in the system THUECHEAE WR-H D11-54 (THE SELDOWITCH NEBULA).

On the way I found:

System SMOOTIAE LA-N B34-6 - A WW, apparently still undiscovered.

SMOOTIAE TX-L D7-81 - Here I scanned everything, because right after the Honk a few planets were uncovered, and I simply can't have that, if a system was only partially scanned by me, either completely or not at all.
By the way, I took a lot of systems with me, because it bothers me, if there is only a part of the HImmelskörper...
But you know me meanwhile...:lol:

By the way, these twin moons once again had biological sites. They were crystal shards again.

I was also able to scan a nitrogen ice fumarole.

DROOTIE QU-Q A114-2 - a system with L-star, I like to take something like this with me.

Just like THUECHU ML-G A10-0, or similar systems with T- and Y- stars.

For example THUECHU XM-J A22-4, the galaxy has to be explored, and so we at least make some progress.

Back to the first intermediate stage.

In the system there are three helium rich gas giants, which I of course scanned and mapped.

The gas giants were examined more closely.

In addition it went also times into the ring plane of the gas giants. An emergency stop cost me a few percent of my modules, well, that can happen, so far that's no problem.

Of course I also had to give myself the great view of the fog.

And now it's on to the next stop - PYRIVO HW-V E2-8 (FLY TRAP NEBULA), and apparently I have to get into or through the local fog.

Fly Safe

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I made a few jumps from the last section of the DW2 over Easter, and still enough of a urge to explore to not just fly by everywhere.

Like the beautiful world of ammonia in the system CHUA EOP UD-V C5-4.

Or the system CHUA EOP ZC-T C20-0; actually the third intermediate destination LONE STAR; such a gas giant with water-based life is scanned and mapped.
Even if Cmdr R4ANGERO scanned everything before me...

Such a WW as in the system PYRIA THUA KM-W C1-0 cannot be skipped.

Before that I made a detour to the SELDOWITCH NEBULA for a photo.

The next intermediate goal; FLY TRAP NEBULA; I also came closer.

And closer.

The Black Hole in the system PYRIVO HW-V E2-8 (FLY TRAP NEBULA) had to be viewed from outside and inside.

Here still from the outside:

And from the inside:

At the moment I am still on my way to the GRAND RINGS, if the update will be finished sometime...

Fly Safe

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Once again quite a lot of time has passed and I simply did not get to report here further.

When I arrived at the CHEAE EUQ ER-L C21-0 (Grand Rings) system, I unfortunately found that I was making my visit at an inopportune time.

From the moon, on which one should admire them, the rings lay completely in the dark...

You can't see the moon here because it's exactly in the shadow of the planet.

So there was only one thing left, keep jumping...

In the system PYROO EOHN MV-P C8-0, which I visited the day before, I had again a hot sight.

It becomes understandable when you see what I got to see right after the jump.

I could also find an ammonia world in the PUWEE ML-Y D3 system.

It is remarkable that there are still systems to be found here where there is not a single name entry.

It remains to be seen what it will look like after the data delivery.

The celestial bodies in the PUWEE JC-V D2-2 system are also (still) unnamed, where there is also a gas giant with ammonia-based life, which has very protruding rings.

The inner ring is tiny, in contrast to the outer one, the bullet effect is once again due to the fact that I had to drive the zoom all the way back.

Then we went to DISTANT VIEW IN BLUE.

I was getting closer.

And closer.

Shortly before the goal to take a tail boost in the system PYRIE EURK JQ-P D5-2, there was still the oiliness.

Here at the supercharge, you can see the fog much better.

And when I arrived at the PYRIE EURK QX-U E2-0 system, I actually had a fantastic outlook.

I continued, in the system PYRIE EURK FV-W C15-0 I found two already discovered water worlds and two HMC which were terraformable.
These were either overlooked by the previous visitors or the data have not yet been submitted, you will see...

WW No.1 at the main star, in the system card I didn't show it extra.

WW No.2

And the TF-HMC at the B-star, perhaps its undiscoveredness is due to the fact that the way is a bit further. Whereby the one at the C-star was much further away, I made the way nevertheless and mapped it.

Then I found another system; MYEIA THAA WT-Q B18-0; in which our well known Explorer ALLITNIL has been before.

But he only mapped the main star, I at least scanned the remaining celestial bodies.

In; until now; still undiscovered system STREAU EOP QF-L D9-3 I found a beautiful gas giant with water-based life.

I'm curious to see if I can find my name here when I get back.

I allowed myself a more extended stopover in the SYRIAE THAA BF-R D4-1 system, where there were not only two landable planets, but also an undiscovered TF-HMC.

Strictly speaking only the star had been captured by Cmdr PORTER_JOHN. The rest I scanned and mapped for all cases.

I also landed on the two landable planets. Here No. 1:
Here still at the approach.


Then the recall of my PHILIPP FRANZ VON SIEBOLD was initiated.

And No.2:
On approach.

And landed.

On 01.05.3305 I arrived at the BEAGLE POINT system.

The tourist beacon was of course also visited.

Afterwards I entered myself in the arrival thread of the DW2 and completely scanned and mapped the system.

Actually, my arrival would have been possible one day earlier, and on that day Cmdr CHESSI, who arrived earlier, would have also welcomed me.
But 5 or 6 jumps before the finish I had an RL interdiction and had to leave urgently.
So the reception didn't happen.

Here is my route from EDSM, but I have already flown 4 systems to CHEECKIA RG-J D10-2.

I flew into this system because the EOT had planned a meeting on 03.05.3305 at 20.30 MEZ. Meeting point was at first planet at Geosite #24 (CHESSI´S BAR AM NORDKAP).

I flew one day before, because I wasn't sure what else could happen in the RL.

As soon as I arrived there, I was surprised, because other Cmdr; first of all Cmdr CHESSI; already arrived there.

The view of the galaxy was also fantastic.

Also a lot of nonsense was done.

Otherwise, we were just having fun.

Then the evening came to an end, the next day I had to work again.

The next day I had already arrived at the landing site about 1 hour before the official meeting, and even now it was already hot.

This floating stone could apparently only be seen by me...

Also now the sight of the galaxy was simply breathtaking.

Social gathering on the edge of the galaxy.

Afterwards we tried our luck in formation flight, everything was filmed, I'm really excited about the result.
While setting up.

Here you see only the shadows of the ships.

And here we all flew into each other, Cmdr LARGO ORMAND gave the direction and all the others followed.

And they also tried to form a big EOT with the ships. Unfortunately I could not take such good pictures from my position (right arm of the T).

The end of the right arm of the T.

And because it just fits, some statistics.

First the data from the game itself:
Arrived in the system CHEEKIA RG-J D10-2 I had
975,988,046 Credits Cash (Most recently data sold on Explorers Anchorage).
I have now visited 31,163 systems, with 16,489 Level 2 and 397,010 Level 3 detailed scans. (The number is not correct yet, because not delivered data will not be counted).
775 efficiency bonuses have accumulated.
The total hyperspace distance is now 1,350,781 LY.
I completed 37.507 jumps in total.
The maximum distance to the start location is now 65.222 LY (Maybe there is something to improve ;))

With the SRV I have covered 7,70 mm.

The highest payout since Explorers Anchorage is 14,273,193 credits. ( How do you find out which system this is?)

My income from explorations is now 2,223,07,153 credits. (Before handing over the remaining data...)

My records from EDDISCOVERY.

Northernmost point: Beagle Point @ -1111,6; -134,2; 65269,8

Southernmost point: LYED YJ-I D9-0 @ 11007.5; 44.8; -16899.8

Easternmost point: HYPAU AEC YE-R D4-0 @ 27206.6; 37.4; -8302.9
Westernmost point: GROOMEAU TV-T C4-0 @ -28182,3; -734,1;24766,9
Highest point: Swoals IL-Y e0 @ 2302.8; 2852.2; 32393.6
Lowest point: Thearo AV-Y f12 @ -653.8; -2904.3; 33934.6

Statistics only for the PHILIPP FRANCE OF SIEBOLD:
Jumps completed: 12,431
Reserved LY: 649,375
Scanned celestial bodies: 44,505

And in EDSM the following has accumulated:
Registered Distances: 8,452
Systems visited: 32,505
Systems first discovered: 19,187

An evaluation in comparison to the values at the start of the DW2 will be done after the end of the return journey.

But this will take some time, first I want to have a look up here, follow my arm as far as possible, and well, for the return journey I have not planned a fixed route yet...

Fly Safe
CEECKAEA LQ-N C23-0 - Coordinates -1683.9375 / -102.15625 / 65220.9375.

575.35 LY, or 13 jumps west of Beagle Point.

I follow the SAGITARIUS CARINA ARM as far as I can at the moment, it goes into the SOLITUDE VOID.

What I hope to find: I don't know, it just pulls me out there, no idea if I can find anything or if there is a goal at all.

The first part of the route only led through already discovered systems, let's see how that goes on.

Fly Safe


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4 more jumps, system CEECKAEA KW-L C24-0, coordinates -1904.65625 / -104.8125 / 65257.625.

A first find, where at least the last three planets; all ice worlds; still seem to be completely undiscovered.

The star and the first two planets are shared by the Cmdr TURAMBAR, HAMSTELBASTER and STARLANCER.

I've tried mapping all the celestial bodies, and now we're moving on.

And again after 4 jumps in the system CEECKAEA BQ-N C23-0, coordinates -2103.5 / -100.84375 / 65217.71875 , I find next to the captured K-star (Cmdr FLECTOR) and Planet No.1 HMC (Cmdr TELEAR) 8 other celestial bodies, which have not yet been captured.

After BEAGLE POINT it is now already 993.86 LY.

It goes on and on... out into the SOLITUDE VOID...

Another two jumps further I find the system Ceeckaea CY-F d12-0, coordinates -2130.03125 / -102 / 65258.59375.

One A-star, and 9 celestial bodies can be found here. The first 8 were discovered by Cmdr ALLITNIL, only No. 6; an ammonia world; goes on Cmdr FLECTOR, as well as No. 7; an HMC; on Cmdr SVENNO.

Then it went north again, up to the system CEECKAEA GE-E D13-0, coordinates -2135.40625 / -91 / 65346.1875, which was first discovered by Cmdr SPOCK ODDSOCKS, ARNUL and REBBECK.

From here I can only get further north with a simple FSD feed. The next system is CEECKAEA KK-C D14-0 in 73,40 LY distance.

There was also not found what called me. Further it went to YOOXE DW-C D0, 107.62 LY are here with a premium feed to overcome.

I didn't count the next jumps, but currently, after some back and forth jumps, I have arrived at the CEECKAEA AY-F D12-1 system. The coordinates are -2233.09375 / -77.5625 / 65316.53125.

Among the 29 celestial bodies there was also an undiscovered gas giant with ammonia-based life, several moons and other planets.

It is remarkable that all jumponium components can be found here.

By chance; I almost didn't notice it; I stumbled across the Myeia Thaa JI-B d13-0 or NANSENS STAR system. When I noticed it, I was already in the jump sequence and couldn't stop. It is located at the coordinates -2215.78125 / -11.59375 / 65336.15625, has 13 celestial bodies. Among them also a WW.

Here of course everything is already scanned, although perhaps not seized, but I am already a system more...

In MYEIA THAA NO-Z D13-0, coordinates -2216.375 / -13.6875 / 65424.6875.

22 celestial bodies can be found here. All already scanned.

Another 72,31 LY further north I find the system OEVASY FA-A D0. With a simple feed this is no problem.

Also here everything is already scanned and partly recorded.

Further north I can't get from here, but with another simple feed I can get to OEVASY EA-A D0, in 81,60 LY distance.

I worked my way a bit further through the arm to the west. To the north it goes only rarely.

In the system OEVASY DA-A D0 I experienced a particularly unpleasant surprise.

With 20 celestial bodies it is a system in which you can find all jumponium components, but I could not scan all celestial bodies due to an error in the VSS scanner.

No logging out and back in helped... If you want to try it yourself, the coordinates are -2370.03125 / -12.625 / 65496.75.

Currently I am staying in the system MYEIA THAA KO-Z D13-0; coordinates -2458.46875 / -11.96875 / 65422.5;.

Despite its only 10 celestial bodies you can collect all jumponium components here as well.

That is probably also because it is possible to land on all planets.

From here you can only get ahead with an FSD input. My next destination will be MYEIA THAA IO-Z D13-0, but for today it's enough.

Fly Safe

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I fought my way through the days to the west, northwards it hardly goes any further.

One of the systems I found was MYEIA THAA KO-Z D13-0, which Cmdr CHEFREPORTER had already visited.

All I've got here is a picture of the system card.

Also the system MYEIA THAA NO-Z D13-0, which was first visited by Cmdr TURAMBAR.

I looked around the system MYEIA THAA CN-B D13-0 a bit more intensively, not least because Cmdr ALLITNIL was also here.
The rest is shared by Cmdr COMMANDER420 and VALIJE, except for the last planet, which was still unnamed.

In addition, it is one of those typical ring systems that I like so much.

In the system IORASP PC-D D12-0 I found the Cmdr SPOCK ODDSOCKS, ALLITNIL and STUPID_HIPPY.

Another visit took place in the system MYEIA THAA EI-B D13-0, where you can meet the Cmdr SPOCK ODDSOCKS, JIMERTHON and TAEN, but they didn't scan everything, only the special gems.

Only Cmdr ALITNILL I met in the system MYEIA THAA FI-B D13-0.

In the IORASP LH-D D12-0 system, where I am currently still located, I encountered the phenomenon again that the VSS scanner did not want to capture the planets at the B star, but tilted away in the plane when I tried to zoom in on the planets.

Again you met the Cmdr SPOCK ODDSOCKS, K1CK and CHEFREPORTER

Whether this has something to do with the fact that the B-star is away from the entry point 372.194 LS was a guess I wanted to investigate.
Therefore; but also because the planets at the B-star were scanned by Cmdr K1CK, but not mapped yet; I went the long way and flew there,

after I scanned and mapped all the celestial bodies from the main star.

Only when I approached the celestial bodies at about 12,000 LS did the behavior of the VSS scanner change and I was able to capture the rest.

Now I'm still mapping the rest, the way must be worth it.

Fly Safe

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At the moment I am still on my way further west.

And because I think even small systems deserve a full scan, I have mapped the only planet in the IORASP CV-G D10-0 system.

In the system IORASP CW-E D11-0 a planet looked at me quite grimly, and that only because I slipped briefly during mapping...:lol:

The system IORASP HB-F D11-0 was also interesting for me, not least because Cmdr SPOCK ODDSOCKS had only scanned the star and the innermost planet.

If I fly; like here; to all celestial bodies, I like to use the SUN SYSTEM view to plan the most optimal course through the system.

In the system IORASP JC-D D12-0 I mapped everything again, several other Cmdr had been here before me.

Also worth seeing and scanning for me was the system IORASP JH-D D12-0, there were not only 4 planets which could be terraformed, also the gas giant class V was very worth seeing because of its proximity to the K-star.

This, by the way, is not the star around which he orbits:

But here you can see the K-star, which is a little closer.

Here with both stars simultaneously.

These two impressions are taken from the IORASP KC-D D12-0 system:

Last but not least the system IORASP WP-G D10-0, which I just finished mapping.
The sheer size of the system made it impossible to show all celestial bodies on one image.

Here is the lower part of the system card

When mapping a gas giant, I had this amazing effect, because one of its moons was floating right in front of my nose when I mapped it.

If you look closely, you can see the moon here in front of the gas giant.

These two images were taken while passing the last star (a T-star).

Especially interesting for me was that not all celestial bodies were captured by the previous Cmdr STULLI, STUPID_HIPPY and COMMANDER420. A look in EDSM also showed, that no visitor came by for a long time.

Then I wanted to show where I was jumping around at the moment:

On the right you can see the Beagle Point, where the small white writing is. Here the route in top view, so that you can see the difference in altitude.

And an attempt to look from up here to the very bottom.

My whole route in top view, as far as it is recorded in EDSM.

It did not fit on one picture, so I had the overview composed of two pictures.

Fly Safe

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I use the time for the update times for the same at my report.

In the system IORASP TJ-I D9-1 the two Cmdr STULLI and COMMANDER420 had already run riot.
Nevertheless I also mapped something.

In my eyes a heavenly beautiful hell world I found in the system IORASP QO-I D9-0.
It hadn't even been scanned yet. Cmdr STUPID_HIPPY apparently didn't capture more than the main star.

I took care of the rest, well, there wasn't much to do. But more time for pictures.

A bit more diligent I was in the system IORASP UU-G D10-0, there everything was scanned and mapped, in addition I landed several times.
Since there are all the jumponium materials here, I have my tanks refilled, even if it wasn't really necessary.

First of all the system at a glance:

It was noticeable that only the main star was captured by Cmdr STULLI.

And then different impressions of several moons.

Shadow play.

And one of the gas giants.

Fly Safe

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Thanks to everyone who still likes to read here.

Today I only want to report about one system.
It is IORASP SP-G D10-0, lies on the coordinates -3899.5 / -24.25 / 65096.5 and has 30 celestial bodies.

From Beagle Point it is 2.795,48 LY away, it was first discovered by Cmdr. STULLI.

Besides him also the Cmdr. ALLITNIL, VALIJE, KRNAGE-60- and WICKY have immortalized themselves here, no celestial body is undiscovered and the planets A3 and A4 have already been mapped by Cmdr. KRNAGE-60-.

Also 14 different Cmdr have registered with EDSM distances, I am there now No. 15, since I also registered 5 pieces on the flight to the 113.191 LS distant second star.

Let us first come to a more detailed system description:
The system has two stars:
The main star is a F7 VB star with 1.3008 solar masses, 1.1554 solar radii and a temperature of 6.388 K
And the second star has the class K9 VA with 0.6055 solar masses, 0.7104 solar radii and 3,804 K

There are planets at the main star :
No. 1 an HMC with a stone moon (land bar).
No. 2 is a HMC
No. 3 is also a HMC that can also be terraformed.
No. 4 is a water world with life.
No. 5 is also a HMC.
No. 6 to 8 are rocky ice worlds, No. 7 has a landable ice planet as moon.

With the K star one finds:
2 asteroid belts, which were scanned only because they are so annoying in the VSS otherwise;(

No. 1 is a gas giant class III with 6 moons, all rocky, A and B are not landable, D still has a moon with 17 BIO signals, on which I just stay. Also there should be iron magma here.

No. 2 is a gas giant class II with two rings, rocky and icy, in addition two landable ice worlds as moons, on A you find water geysers.
No. 3 is a gas giant class I with an icy ring without moons.
No. 4 is a gas giant class II with a rocky and icy ring each, plus 4 landable ice worlds.
On A one finds water geysers.
B contains carbon dioxide geysers and 10 biological sites.
C and D are unfortunately without such peculiarities.
No. 5 is an ice planet with an icy ring.

A not quite complete view over the celestial bodies:

Here I am, approaching B4B:

Its dates and a look from close:

And I also took the time to examine all 10 biological sites of the moon. At all sites there were crystal shards, and often also carbon dioxide-ice fumaroles.

Here it is usually very dark, even two stars don't help much...

I particularly noticed the glow of the openings in the fumaroles again. You might think it's especially hot here, but the SRV won't warm up if you drive directly to it.

At least these fumaroles make some light.

While I flew off all the sites, I also found out that only ANTIMON was obtained from the crystal shards.
After all, I was able to fill the storage tank completely with ANTIMON. I would have taken germanium, too, but well...
The fumaroles, on the other hand, only gave off iron and carbon once.

Then I left the moon and mapped the rest of the system.

The second location of bio-signals also wanted to be investigated, it is the moon B 1 D A.

More precise data should not be missing here either.

Apart from the fact that I have only found crystal shards here so far, there are sulphur dioxide-ice fumaroles at the first site.

And it's not very bright here either.

I have here still some finding places fly off, at least something else could be present. I will continue to report.
Ah yes, with the first crystal shards I got SELEN, which I do not need however, since the memory is still full...

Fly Safe

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