I am KOLUMBUS, a German Commander andEXPLORER.
And I will participate in the DISTANT WORLD II.
ThereI am registered as No. 2871 with the ID 137-DW.

(Unfortunately the vonmust be omitted from the name, as there are not enough signs forit.)
The technical data will follow, information on the name canbe found on Wikipedia.

I was born on 02 NOV. 1966, currently52 years young.

ELITE DANGEROUS I play on the PC since therelease on 16. DEC. 2014.

Since that time I have been ableto buy, equip and improve several ships.
I also made it to theELITE rank at the Exploring.
The other two ranks are stillpending.
In the fight I am DANGEROUS with 26%.
Trade is withTYCOON and 25%.
In the Federation I am Petty Officer with 100% (Iwill do the ascension mission sometime).
And in the Empire I amBaron at 32%.

My career has taken me from the very beginningto trading, bounty hunting, missions, passenger transport and muchmore to EXPLORING, which is and remains my main passion.

Mypresence and main activity is mainly on the ELITEDANGEROUS.DEplatform.

For the DW II I will also try to describe my travelexperiences in the official forum of FD.
I will have my textstranslated by DEEPL, which may lead to small inaccuracies in thetext, I apologize for this.

More information, as well as mydata to ship, fortune, and everything else will follow.

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THX @ Cdr Voorheez.

My ship, the
is an ANACONDA, painted in yellow.
The CORIOLIS data are linked in the name

I fly it in exactly the same equipment I posted in CORIOLIS, it works very well, has already taken me far and is robust enough to land on planets with higher gravity.

A test at 2,59 G in the system ZUBEN ELSCHEMALI, celestial body No.1 went to my complete satisfaction.

If you have any questions about the equipment, go ahead.

Fly Safe

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Let's get to the things you don't see in CORIOLIS.

For the DW II I have been collecting materials for the syntheses.

This is how von den ELEMENTS is on board (soory, it´s in german, because it is a screenshot):

The table displays the level of rarity, quantity, and material.

Materials with a grey background are not required for the syntheses, the sorting is kept as it is possible to exchange the materials from left to right at the corresponding material dealer.

The same applies to the PRODUCED MATERIALS:

Thus all syntheses possible on board, SRV or Fighter are covered and the maximum number is possible.

Of course, some syntheses overlap when using the materials, so the actual number may vary.

Fly Safe
Nice to have you with us, Commander!
Good luck on the expedition - may the matchmaking gods place us in the same instance at some point.
And here is a history of my travels and reports as I posted them in the ELITEDANGEROUS.DE forum.

The reports are of course all in German. Unfortunately I can't translate them all...

By the way, I actually only started to actively participate in the forum around October 3301.

YEAR 3301:

Mein 4000. Hypersprung – 14.10.3301

Eure Technik beim Exploren – 17.10.3301

Gefährliche Sonnensysteme – 17.10.3301

Wieder auf Tour – 20.12.3301

Die dritte Reise – 20.12.3301

Ausloggen im falschen Moment – 26.12.3301

YEAR 3302:

Reichweite kontra Exploring unbekannter Systeme – 13.02.3302


Kurztrip nach Barnards Loop – 10.06.3302

Endlich, mein neues Explorerschiff – 14.07.3302

Meine 4 Explorertour – In den OUTER ARM – 07.08.3302

Tour nach COLONIA zwecks Community Goal – 03.12.3302

YEAR 3303:

Vorbereitungen für die PaX – JAN.02.3303

Pioniere And eXplorers – Reisebericht von KOLUMBUS – JAN.28.3303

Nach der PAX-Expedition – APR.29.3303

Zwei Reisen – MAR.03.3303


Noch einmal: OUTER ARM – OCT.30.3303

YEAR 3304:

Unterwegs in der Bubble – APR.08.3304

Eure/Meine Schiffe (Konfigurationen für EXPLORER) – JUL.01.3304

Was weiß ich denn, wohin... - JUL.01.3304

FYXANOXEM – AUG.10.3304 (Not my own thread)

Die Akte GNOSIS – AUG.28.3304

Werdet Ihr trotz der aktuellen Sperrung des CONE SECTORS den Sprung der GNOSIS mit machen? - AUG.29.3304

Kolumbus Handelt – SEP.16.3304

Mit der AESCULAP auf Tour – NOV.24.3304

Fragen zur BETA – DEC.16.3304

Mein Leben, meine Universen und der ganze Rest – DEC.20.3304

I haven't explained too much about it now, because I'm afraid that hardly anyone really has the time to read it all through during DW 2.

Fly Safe
Now we come to the statistics at the start.

Currently I have a approxymately GAME TIME of 29W 6D 0H 25M.

My cash assets amount to 497.524.078 Credits

The replacement value of my ship is 13,447,010 credits, we hope I don't need that.

My NOTORIOUS status is ZERO.

Combat Rank: DANGEROUS
Commercial Rank: TYCOON
Exploring: ELITE
(Much should probably not change on the tour.)

Systems visited: 29,060
Level 2 detail scans: 5,910
Level 3 detail scans: 386,431
Efficiency bonuses: 423

Highest payout: 9,857,080 credits

Income from exploration: 1,779,808,273 Credits

Hyperspace distance Total: 1,178,553 LY

Hyperspace jumps Total: 35,179

Max. Distance from starting point: 37.456 LY (That will change soon, I think.)

Distance travelled with SRV: 7.57 MM

With EDSM it looks a little bit different, which I can only explain by the documentation used later by EDDISCOVERY.

Transmitted Distances: 8.378

Systems visited: 30,182

Systems first discovered: 18,033

My previous records, determined by EDDISCOVERY:

Northernmost point: SLUEMOA FS-A D1 @ 47.7; -2823.6; 25945.3
Southernmost point: LYED YJ-I D9-0 @ 11007.5; 44.8; -16899.8
Easternmost point: HYPAU AEC YE-R D4-0 @ 27206.6; 37.4; -8302.9
Westernmost point: GROOMEAU TV-T C4-0 @ -28182,3; -734,1;24766,9
Highest point: HIP 70061 @ -550.6; 1924.3; 449.3
Lowest point: SLUEMOA UO-A F4 @ 48.9; -2866.1; 25936.0

The ship I used; ANACONDA-class; PHILIPP FRANZ von SIEBOLD has so far:

Jumps: 10.243

LY total: 479,797

Scanned celestial bodies: 24,024 (Old scan system)

With the new system does it now start again from the hangar.

For the purpose of mining I parked my PYTHON; MARYLIN MONROE; including mining equipment in the hangar of FODEN ORBITAL.

If I can get her to join me, I'd be in a good position.

It has a cargo capacity of 160T and a jump range of 31.04 LY when fully loaded.

In addition, I let the engineers upgrade it quite well.

It remains to be seen whether it will be used or not.

For emergencies, a replacement ANA and a DB-EX are also available.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but you never know...

I've cleaned up and sorted my bookmarks in the galaxy map.

And here still my previous route, as far as EDSM has recorded everything:

And now the DW 2 can start. I AM READY!

Fly Safe

All the best on the expedition Cmdr.Saw many of your tags on the outer arm edges...another premium jump further out.....another Kolumbus tagged system :D
All the best on the expedition Cmdr.Saw many of your tags on the outer arm edges...another premium jump further out.....another Kolumbus tagged system :D

Thank you, i say always to my German Explorer-Buddys: A system with Kolumbus is a complete system with Kolumbus.[big grin]
While we all wait for the beginning, I made a little video.

Nothing special, but maybe you like it.

I want to post some screenshots about yesterday evening.

Which would interest me:
How many Cmdr were in the PALLAENI system yesterday?
And how many jumped simultaneously at 20 UTZ?

Apart from that, there's not much to report at the moment, apart from the fact that I just found another system that was scanned but not mapped.

The map of the DW2 expedition is, by the way, a very unbelievable bustle...

Now it's time to make some progress...

I would like to draw your attention to this thread in the German Forum, it is a parallel expedition, which you should pay attention to:


Fly Safe


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I just saw into EDSM where you can see the traffic figures.
But i guess there is still a dark figure.


And HR 5413:

The problem is that not everyone uses a tool that is connected to INARA or EDSM.

Especially from the consoles there should be hardly any data.

Too bad actually...
Fly Safe

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Yesterday evening there was a spontaneous meeting in the system TRAIKAAE CH-Y C10.

I was invited into the private group of FLAMMLY14, thanks again for that.

Also involved were the Cmdr:


in case I forgot someone, please forgive me.

The moon A1 is a real eye-catcher, but the landing is there for big ships... Oh best try it yourself.

The evening ended with the mad idea that one could jump with the SRV into a 14 km deep gorge.

As an old man, reason has put a spoke in my wheel, and I preferred to watch...

Let's see if I can get into the cockpit today, and then how that goes on.

Fly Safe


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After the update I have put together a small mining equipment.
Then I went out and looked for a system with a metallic ring.
Omega Sector EL-Y d33 it is, if it is interested.

There you meet; at the moment; also no NPC, which I don't find so bad.

And after looking around a bit, I came back with 50 tons for the CG, and handed it in.

After all, I'm one of the top 75%.

Next time I'll bring a bit more back, now I have a goal, which can be achieved with a jump, and have swapped the Fuelscoop for a 7 freight rack.

Let's see if I can get that full...

Fly Safe


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After I had started the CG since then and the suitable equipment for mining could be bought on the station, I registered for it, I started to mine the beautified materials.

Unfortunately my time did not allow me to work my way up the list.
At the moment I contributed 267 tons.
Yesterday evening I was among the top 25% for a short time.
This morning Tier 9 was reached and I fell back to the top 50%.

No wonder with currently 3,009 contributing Cmdr.

Three differences from yesterday evening to this morning still strike me particularly:

On the one hand I had to map the rings again yesterday to see the hotspots.
This morning, on the other hand, they were immediately visible without maps as I got closer to the rings.

Then yesterday evening I found very often the three materials INDIT, GALLIT and PRAESODYM.

Now it is exclusively GALLIT.

And I notice that apparently all other detectable metals are on the ignore list, although I'm sure I didn't put anything on it.

I also found it amazing that I was able to initiate the hyperspace jump.

Somehow slightly irritating to jump through the edge of the gas giant...

Fly Safe


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