Keeper won't feed at all

So, I was happily building my first franchise zoo when suddenly my keeper stopped feeding my aardvarks. He now prepares food, enters the exhibits, shakes a bit and then leaves. I only have two exhibits. The other is being fed without issue. I've tried deleting food enrichment, moving trays, clearing the entrance. Nothing. I've seen other similar issues that seem to involve only refilling food enrichment, but my keeper won't refill anything in that exhibit. I now have a sad orphaned baby aardvark since the parents starved. Any ideas?:(
Same, only playing sandbox atm due to issues with starving animals coz of keeper incompetency lol.
They really behave like real employees, don't they. Vague suggestions of what should be done do nothing.
Its horrible to lose animals because of such, i just almost lost 4 corcodile babies.

Next time put the little ones in quarantine and the elder ones in the trade centre if they're starving.
I saved mine that way.

Then i rebuild the habitat and reorganized the whole working zone...
took me an hour, but was totally worth it.

It can be frustrating at times, but i enjoy it too much to yield before the evil bug-goddess of the first releaseweek.
Oh... thats good, because its a workaround...
and bad, because maybe i didn't fixed the problem with my crocs and they are only not starving anymore because of it.

Guess i have to check one point on my long, long list.
Damn why didn't i just sandbox :eek:
Same here :( I have a large habitat, with giraffes, ostiches and thompson gazelles. I assigned four keepers, a specific, large keeper hut as well as staff-break-building to it - and still they fail to keep my animals fed. There's never more than one keeper at a time in the habitat. The others are just 'wandering' around while animals go hungry.

And in case the one working keeper decides to clean instead of feed, my animals starve and I have to move everyone to the trade center. ...

And it really, really sucks, that you can't specifially have one food tray filled. I can just oder a keeper, but this is not possible if there is already a keeper in the habitat o_O
I just removed a climbing platform (on which cats sometimes seem to stuck and get hungry) out of my main tiger habitat because both of the adult stopped eating.
Was calling the keeper all the time because the feeder was empty (but the enrichments had food).
Seconds after i removed the platform, both tigers started to eat from the enrichments.

There are many little things that can get wrong i suppose, one can only try different stuff out.
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