Jurassic World Resorts - Sanctuary Eco Reserve

Following the tragic eruption on Isla Nublar in 2018, a new ecological preserve was constructed to save, promote and preserve all surviving dinosaur species from a variety of locations across the world. Welcome to Sanctuary Eco Reserve....


Several greenhouses were built so that rich vegetation could be introduced all across the sanctuary, giving the dinosaurs a variety of habitats to best suit their needs....


To the south of the preserve, an expansive hiking trail was etched into the mountainous cliffside, allowing visitors to take in scenic views and observe the dinosaurs thriving in nature with minimal disturbance.


Several herbivourous dinosaur species were introduced first, with our ranger team closely monitoring behaviour to ensure their comfort was prioritised.


As the team grew in confidence, large and more aggressive species were brought to the island, living in complete harmony. Here are our Nasutoceratops and Brachiosaur herds strolling the sushine. The eagle-eyed among you may even spot a few more species too!


To raise funds for maintenance of the preserve, the sanctuary opened to tourists in 2019. By that time many more species find themselves enjoying the tropical habitats that have been created on this island.


The lush plant life also provides shelter for the dinosaurs, here you can see our lone Ceratosaurus snoozing under the eyes of a scouting Diplodocus.


Fortunately for our behavioural scientists, this Dilophosaurus was born without it's venom sacs, so she can be observed as closely as any other dinosaur without the risk of blinding from its poisonous spit.


With further expertise being gained, even large carnivores are able to be cared for by the ranger team. But, unfortunately some family members are always falling out.... like these two Tyrannosaurid cousins!
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Following extensive research, our large carnivores have been housed with what is believed to have been their natural prey, like Spinosaurus and Ouranosaurus.


We still have to keep an eye on the smaller dinosaurs too, here a Dryosaurus that ventured into the jungle habitat is being reunited with it's herd..... she may still be destined for an uncomfortable future though.... given that Carcharadontosaurus roaming in the background!


The Brachiosaurs have become the reserves elders, and even keep watch of us sometimes!


Now our Spinosaurus has awoken, prowling for a dusk-time snack.


With over twenty different species, our patrol team have their work cut out.... nothing doing here though, just our Jurassic herbivores socialising on the floodplain.


The tour is restricted to one vehicle at any one time to allow minimal interference with the natural ecosystem. It does however run through the night.


If it didn't, you'd miss out on our beautiful creatures singing under the stars!

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