Jumping Removed?

During the beta I had a lot of fun designing my exhibits so the animals could jump around/climb using rocks, trees, landscaping, etc. I noticed once the game went live that even slight inclines became too steep for most animals to walk over, but upon more digging found that they can't even jump onto objects any more. 90% of the rocks I place in exhibits specifically for animals to use are unusable and I am positive they worked in beta. As shown in these images, a lion can be completely enclosed by a foot high rock. They shouldn't even have to jump to walk over these! And yet after leaving the game running for 10 minutes on 3x faster speed, the lion was never able to jump out or walk out.
I don't understand why such a great feature of the game was removed for launch and it's both dissapointing for creativity but also for management that it's both effortless to keep animals in and they no longer use your items you made specifically for them. I hope the dev team will consider adding this functionality back in.


In beta I had a lion jump 10 feet out of a ditch like Krypto the super dog. That was obviously bad. Maybe they went too far in the other direction. Even just slopes and what not are real hard. I spent HOURS last night trying to build a complex series of rocks and logs that a lion could traverse but finally gave up because the difference between walkable and not was often a few pixels and the process of tweaking then checking then tweaking then checking just got annoying.
In real life lions around 10 feet hight (records vary between 9 and 12 feet depending on source), and honestly I think that's a good thing and not a bad thing, maybe the animation needed work but I like the idea of lions being able to jump out of poorly made exhibits, that way people would need to be more creative with them and not just slap some 12 inch rocks down.

But yeah it seems like they went waaay too far in the other direction. IMO they should have actually made the animals more versatile and more able to climb slopes/jump and just made the animation better. Regardless I just hope at the very least it goes back to how it was, right now it's ridiculous and just like you I have had lots of struggles trying to make exhibits for the animals to use that for some bizzare reason they can't
Maybe it's just a Bug for some Animals. I know that Gorillas and Wolf's can jump. Peafowl too (at least down from a Object)
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