Release Journal Limpet - Automatic journal storage and EDDN submission

So, I went a made a thing.. it's called Journal Limpet, and the main purpose for it, is to allow players to store whatever journals that Frontier has stored, for all platforms.

I recently also released so that we push those journals to EDDN automatically. :)

Registration is simple, just login with your Frontier credentials, and the journals will be pulled in the background after a while.

I also recommend that you set a notification email in the settings, so that I can send an email to you, if we need you to login again, so we can continue to pull those journals.

There's currently some issues with Epic Games-accounts, where we lose access to the API where the journals live, so best solution for EGS accounts is to play the game often.

Recent updates

  • Enables automatic push of journals into Elite Dangerous Star Map (EDSM), just input your CMDR name and Api Key from EDSM into Journal Limpet, and we'll start pushing your journals.
  • Activity indicator when we do something in the background, like pulling journals, pushing to EDDN, EDSM and so on
  • Added ability to actually login (and be authenticated)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with the authentication refresh, like.. not refreshing inaccessible accounts any longer, things like that
  • Added background jobs to download user journals
  • Created the application logotype + favicon
  • Ability for users to download their journals (kinda important, I know)
  • Added automatic tweets with stats
  • Added EDDN push, for stored journals
  • Started gzipping the journals, to save space
  • Added detection for when the cAPI tells us that the user doesn't own the game, and then lock them from downloading journals for a while
  • Got proper authentication + reauthentication (background token refresh) working
  • Account registration was opened
  • Project created and started to plan the first version of it
  • Deployed basic webpage, without any functions at all
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Uhh thats a really nice service!
Even though I already have a automatic journal backup, its always good to have some redundancy.
Thanks for creating this^^
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